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The entire world lives with the carefully fostered impression that Judaism is derived from, if not the complete Bible, at least the first five books of the Bible known to the Christians as the Pentateuch and to the Jews as the Torah. What we do not seem able to understand is that the TORAH is only used as a front or cover to keep people from recognizing how far we have strayed from the Truth of the Scriptures when we, as we have for the past three hundred years, accept the interpretations prepared by those who say they are Jews and are not but are of the synagogue of Satan. (see Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, KJV) They use the TORAH solely for the purpose of establishing themselves, in men’s minds, as God’s Chosen People.

One of the greatest works done by modern scholars to furnish interpretations that would benefit the imposters God tells us, “are the synagogue of Satan”, is that attributed to C.I. Scofield, D.D.. It offers interpretations and cross references supporting the false beliefs that are intended to place a burden of guilt on those who cannot keep the laws Moses gave to the so-called “Children of Israel“. (See John 1:17)

Instead of offering comfort to the Bible reader the in-terpretations and references of Scofield advocate atonement, suffering, repentance, propitiation sacrifice, and eternal damnation.

The first SCOFIELD REFERENCE EDITION OF THE Bible was Copyrighted in l909, nearly a century ago. In an imaginative dissertation inserted to bridge what they claimed to be a gap of four hundred years between the setting of the Old Testament and the New Testament, Scofield concludes:

“(3) But during this period [the four hundred years between the Old and New Testaments], also, was created that mass of tradition, comment and interpretation known as Mish- na, Gemara (forming the Talmud), Halachoth, Midrashim and Kabbala, so superposed upon the Law that obedience was transfered from the Law [Laws of Moses] itself to the tra- ditional interpretation {Talmud and Kabbalah]. (p. 986)

The “cabala, or Cabbala or Kabala Heb. qabbalah, The received or traditional lore’, esoteric mystical system of Judaic philosophy… originally an oral tradition, was based on studies of the Scriptures for occult references to God, the universe, and the creation.” (Funk & Wagnalls New En-cyclopedia vol. 4)

cabal… 1. A secret scheme; an intrigue; 2, a secret combination of a few persons; usually evil… syn., n. faction, conspiracy, coalition, gang cabala Heb… reception: referring to doctrine received traditionally 1. The abstruse and mystical system of doc- trine of the Jewish rabbis, by which they explain the sacred Hebrew writings [but the Bible wasn’t written in Hebrew Ed.] 2. any occult or mystic philosophy.” (The Winston Simplified Dictionary)

The foregoing definitions fit both the systems of Juda- ism and Freemasonry but they have remained hidden from view while being in plain sight. The Scriptures do not fail to tell us of this: The earth is given into the hand of the wicked: (Job. 9:21a) :for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. (Revelation 18:23c,d)

Wherefore the LORD said, forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men: (Isaiah 29:13)


“These passages have been translated from the original Hebrew by the courts of France… and used by the government of Germany to convict the Jews of sabotage.

There are several branches of Jewry… they all use the same religious books.

Every quotation is accompanied by the chapter and verse or the page of the book from which it is taken.

2. “The teachings of the Talmud stand above all other laws. They are more important than the laws of Moses” - Rab- bi Ismael, Rabbi Chambar, et. al.

3. “The decisions of the Talmud are words of the living God. Jehovah Himself asks the opinion of the earthly rabbis when there are difficult affairs in heaven. Rabbi Menachem Commentary on Fifth Book.

4. ‘Jehovah [Jehovah is a l7th century word] Himself studies the Talmud standing he has such respect for that book.” -Tract Mechilla.

5. It is more wicked to question the words of the rabbis than those of the Torah.” -Michna Sanhedryn ll:3.

8. To communicate anything to a goy [cattle] about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the goyim knew what we teach about them they would kill us openly.” -Libbre David 37,7.

ll. “The Jews are human beings, but the nations of the world are not human beings but beasts.: -Baba Mecia ii4, 6.

12. “When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves.” Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 556-D.

13. “Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew

is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.” -Midrasch Talpioth, p. 255-L.

14. As soon as the King Messiah will declare himself, He will destroy Rome and make a wilderness of it. Thorns and weeds will grow in the Pope’s palace. Then he will start a merciless war on non-Jews and will overpower them. He will slay them in masses, kill their kings and lay waste the whole Roman land. He will say to the Jews: ‘I am the King Messiah for whom you have been waiting. Take the silver and gold from the goyim” -Josiah 60,6. Rabbi Abarbanel to Daniel 7, 13.

15. “A Gentile girl who is three years old can be violated.” Aboda Sahah 37a.

16. “A Jew may violate but not marry a non-Jewish girl.” -Gad. Shas. 2:2

17. “A Jew may do to a non-Jewess what he can do. He may treat her as he would treat a piece of meat.” -Nadarine, 20,b; Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszapap 348.

19. “If a goy kills a goy or a Jew he is responsible; but if a Jew kills a goy he is NOT responsible.’ -Tosefta. Aboda Azra 8, 5.

20. “It is permitted to kill a Jewish denounciator everywhere. It is permitted to kill him even before he denounces.: -Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 388.

23. “A Jew is permitted to rape, cheat and perjure himself; but he must take care that he is not found out so that Israel may suffer.” Schulchan Aruch Jore Dai

27. “All property of other nations belongs to the Jew- ish nation, which, consequently is entitled to seize upon it

without scruples. An orthodox Jew is not bound to observe principles of morality towards people of other tribes. He may act contrary to morality, if profitable to himself or to Jews in general.’” -Schulchan Aruch. Choszen Hamiszpat 348.

31. “All vows, oaths, promise, engagements, and swear- ing, which, beginning this very day of reconciliation till the next day of reconciliation [one year later], we intend to vow, promise, swear, and bind ourselves to fulfill, we repent beforehand let them be illegalized, acquitted, an-

nihilated, abolished, valueless, unimportant. Our vows shall be no vows and our oaths no oaths at all.” -Schulchan Aruch, Edit. I, l36. (WESTERN FRONT P.O. Box 27854, Los Angeles, CA 90027 {NOTE: “OCCULT THEOCRACY,” By Lady Queenborough, Edith Starr Miller, also quotes the Talmud.} Sons of Liberty P.O. Box 214 Metairie, LA 70004 #3025) These addresses are no longer active.

For some reason, that seems unexplainable to me, the Philosophy of SELF-improvement, good and moral appearance, and the blood sacrifice of the Heb. Anointed On (Christ, or Messiah) to pay for their sins, has an infinitely greater appeal to the human soul than does the offer of Spiritual mercy and grace from God. The way of peace with God, as well as the world, is so simple it escapes the notice of those who have a zeal to attain righteousness through attempting to imitate what they believe represents the perfect human; the Hebrew Christ. They do not understand that self effort, as opposed to grace, will only achieve a feeling of SELF-righteousness and the self-righteous feel no need of God’s mercy and grace. They assume they are candidates for “the heaven of human conceptions”. (Morals & Dogma p. 736)

Kabbalists think of God as the perfect man or the perfect man as god. Their entire philosophy is to teach man to perfect himself to the point of being his own god and saviour. Admittedly their belief is, it will take a few reincarnations [actually I can only refer you to “THE INFERNO Dante’s immortal drama of a journey throuh hell” as to what they mean by reincarnation or evolution of soul to reach the point of perfection.

“The British God HU (man) was called ’The Dragon - Ruler of the World.” (Morals And Dogma p. 502) It is from

The British god HU his and the meaning of his name (man), they arrive at the term, HU-man-ism “humanism“. “ism a distinctive system or doctrine:” (Winstons)

Kabbalism is satanic and has no part of what the Bible teaches of the mercy and grace of God. Kabbalism is the doc- trine of humanism. Their entire philosophy is one of per- fecting one’s self to the point of being acceptable to self as divine. SELF is the object of their worship.

“And Adam (man) begat a son in his own likeness, after his image…” (see Genesis 5:3) This, the image of man begat by man, the image worshipped by man as the Christ, (Heb. Anointed One or Messiah).

The Kabbalah is the true Judaic religion. The Kabbalists think of God as the perfect man or the perfect man as God. Their entire philosophy is to teach man to perfect himself to the point of being his own object of worship and savior.

The book, “THE KABBALAH The Religious Philosophy of the Hebrews”, was written as recently as l843 in French by Adol- phe Franck, “A Hebraist and orientalist”, who states:

“SINCE THE Kabbalah is indebted neither to philosophy nor to Greece [Greek Mythology or Philosophy] … Judaism must have brought it forth through its own efforts; or it must have sprung from some other Oriental Religion‘ [I suggest Buddhism, Ed.] so close to Juidaism as to exert unquestion- able influence upon it.


It is evident that all the great metaphysical and religious principles underlying the Kabbalah antedate [precede] Christian dogmas [of, baptisms, and laying on of hands and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment.

(Hebrews 6:2)].” (Adolphe Franck p. 192 Chapter 12),

“All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabalah and return to it: everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of all the illuminati [Buddhas, highest degree of Freemasonry]… is borrowed from the Kabbalah; all the Masonic associations owe to it their Secrets and their Symbols. (Morals And Dogma p. 744, 745)

The Kabalah is the key of the occult sciences; and the Gnostics were born of the Kabalists.” (ibid. p.626) The science of thesis, antithesis, synthesis, and:

“The Masonic system was devised three centuries ago, at a time of general unrest and change, as a preparatory infant school in which once again the alphabet of a world-old Gnosis might be learned and an elementary acquaintance made with the science of human regeneration [the moralist philo- sophy]”. (W. Wilmshurst, The Masonic Initiation, p. 218. Translated from the French of VICOMTE LEON DE PONCINS by Timothy Tindal-Robertson.)


THE MOLTEN IMAGE “Science Of Reason”



The very basis of Humanism, notion that MAN is supreme, is that through his systems of morality, ethics, rules, and laws, man thinks he can govern society to the perfect STATE. And, as in communism, the STATE is everything and the indiv- idual must be subservient to the STATE; ergo, we have the planned “2800 servants” for each of the elite rulers. This is to be the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT under the United Nations, whose religion is typified by Adam Cadmon (the first man be-fore he fell into sin, the perfect human being) of the oc-

cult philosophy. This, they believe, will be the Perfect State without the need of a supernatural God, or his King- dom. It is their pretended belief that man can evolve, through degrees of moral advancement, to a perfect “state of being” through self will and Masonic instruction. There-

fore; they have given God the name “Ainsoph… King of the Sephiroth Theology.” (DIGEST OF MORALS & DOGMA” P. 4)

“The Absolute Deity, with the Kabalists, has no name… called AYEN SOPH, OR INFINITE…” (M&D p. 745) “He is desig- nated by a word which signifies ‘no-thing,’ or non-being (Ayn).” (Adolph Franck p. 95) “We satisfy ourselves with negativing in the Deity

everything that constitutes existence. Thus He becomes to us logically nothing, Non-Ens. The theological idea, or rather non-idea, of the Deity, is not shared or appreciated by the unlearned… It is the Humanity, far more than the Divinity of Christ, that makes the mass of Christians worship Him, far more than they do the Father.” (M&D p. 743) If there remains a shred of doubt in your mind that there is an occult link between Freemasonry, the Kabbalah, and Judaism, let me quote from page 15 of “THE Kabbalah” by Adolphe Franck, where it shows the Jewish TALMED is not “ancient” but like the rest of this “science of religion” to subdue the world, is only about three hundred hears old:

“These commentaries and new traditions, which multi- plied prodigiously for more than three hundred years, were finally collected under the name of Gemara-”. The name of the second half of the Talmud, which is a commentary on the first part or Mishna.

Let us explore briefly the mythological foundations of Jewish Occultism. During the 18th century, when the ENCYCLO- PEDISTS or ENLIGHTNMENT, ILLUMINATI or BUDDHAS, Enlightened Ones) highest Degree of Freemasonry, created the French En-

cyclopedia ou Dictionnaire Reasonne des Sciences, des Arts et des Métiers (Encyclopedia or Dictionary of Reason of the Sciences, or the Arts and of the Crafts, as in Witchcraft, which is the “Craft” of Freemasonry) it was an on-going work from l751 till l772 and extremely anti-ecclesiastic and con-

troversial; with it was the creation of Ancient History accomplished by and based on myths of ancient Greece and Rome. The myths, themselves, were also a creation of the Enlight- enment movement (see your encyclopedia for “Enlightenment Age Of“).

That Ancient History could not be attested too was witnessed by H.G. Wells in l920: “The world of Plato, Isoc-rates, and Aristotle, had practically no historical perspective at all; there had not been such a thing as history in the world… until the last couple of centuries… For most men the world was still flat and limitless… Nobody knew anything of the origins of civilization.” (THE OUTLINES OF HISTORY vol. 2, p. 408 4th Edit.)

Until about a century or two ago it was generally be- lieved that human history began not long before recorded history….” (Joseph Gaer “WHAT THE GREAT RELIGIONS BELIEVE” p. 16)

With those last two quotes it behoves us to investigate the foundation of what we now, laughingly, refer to as An- cient History: the material basis after which we will deal with the mythological-spiritual basis. According to the Encyclopedia: “Whether or not history books should conform to a syllogistic pattern [pattern of’logical reason’] they, in fact, do not….

The Enlightenment, which flourished in Western Europe in the eighteenth century, raised mathematical science to the role of model for all intellectual disciplines, includeing the writing of history. This sort of science was not especially concerned with time and change, however; it [the science] could inspire new psychological and social theories … but it was an awkard model for history….

History and historiography should be perceived… as one set of ways, among several, to construct a human past….” (Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia excerpts p. 392-4 emph-asis added)

Notice the foregoing paragraph does not claim the Encyclopedia or Enlightenment reconstructed” a human past” but that they actually “constructed” it. All such history (the French word for story) that we have been taught of early civilizations, Greece, Rome, Egypt, etc. is brought to us through the courtesy of mythology and mysticism, and at the hand of the Enlightenment, or Encyclopedists, representing the occult Illuminati or Rosicrucian Order of Freemasonry. In the instance of Greece! the only evidence we have that there was such a nation as Ancient Greece, makes it appear doubtful at best. Historically the only Greece direc- tly traceable seems to have been a portion of Turkey.

Because the Enlightenment had to have a place of origin for their pagan beliefs it was necessary to establish a background for their mythological gods who were to be repre- sentative of their pagan culture.

As recently as l769 they, God’s enemies, led a portion of Turkey to make a move for national independence and assume identification as Greece. Hopefully it would be accep- ted without question and identified as the same location that produced the great pagan philosophers Plato, Isocrates, and Aristotle, who were also invented at the same time. According to encyclopedic history: “… the Russian Count Aleksei Grigorievich Orlov (l737-l809) landed a Russian fleet in the Peloponnesus and led an unsuccessful revolt against the Turks…

Because of the strategic importance of Greece on the continent of Europe, the European powers agreed in l827, to intervene militarily on behalf of the Greeks…. France, Great Britain, and Russia, first demanded an armistice, which the Turkish Government, commonly known as the Porte, refused… The European powers then sent naval forces to Greece. The presence of the naval force, and the efforts of Russia for- ced the Porte to accept a settlement… the defeated Porte consented to whatever arrangements the European powers might make for Greece. (Funk & Wagnalls vol. 11) That type of po- litical and military intervention has been used many times since for the advancement of the “NEW WORLD ORDER“.

It is utterly amazing that grown men would use such a flimsy basis for establishing Ancient History as the two trumped-up, reportedly epic, poems called the Iliad and the Odyssey. Every encyclopedia lists Homer, along with his authorship of the Iliad and the Odyssey. There are many strange comments and contradictions given on Homer’s behalf but always the so-called epic pomes are hailed as the oldest and the greatest literary works. Funk & Wagnalls Stan. Ref. Encyclopedia. © l956, Says:

HOMER (between l200 and 850 B.C.), traditional epic poet of ancient Greece. Seven ancient cities claimed him but his birthplace and the age in which he lived are unknown. According to legend, ‘Homer‘, assuming for the sake of con- venience, that he was one person (see HOMERIC QUESTION), was a divinely inspired poet, blind, old, and poor, who made his living as an itinerant singer…

Whatever his identity, it is clear from his two epic masterpieces, the Iliad and the Odyssey… that Homer was not describing contemporary events, but was drawing upon tradi- tional material handed down from the Greek prehistoric period…. (p. 4374)

Homer’s characters, such as Achilles, Hector, Nestor, Helen of Troy, Andromache, Penelope… and Odysses (see ULYS- SES) are vivid personalities, and have remained as universal

figures throughout the centuries. The Homeric portrayals of the gods such as Zeus, Appolo, Hera, Poseidon, and Athena… became the ideal types for all subsequent representations of those deities in poetry, painting, and sculpture. To the ancient Greeks Homer was the Bible and Shakespeare in one…

Whatever his identity, it is clear from his two epic masterpieces, the Iliad and the Odyssey… that Homer was not describing contemporary events, but was drawing upon Tradi- tional material handed down from the Greek prehistoric period…

Homer’s characters, such as Achilles, Hector, Nestor, Helen of Troy, Andromache, Penelope… and Odysses (see ULYS- SES) are vivid personalities, and have remained as universal figures throughout the centuries. The Homeric portrayals of the gods such as Zeus, Appolo, Hera, Poseidon, and Athena… became the ideal types for all subsequent representations of those deities in poetry, painting, and sculpture. To the ancient Greeks Homer was the Bible and Shakespeare in one….” (p. 4374, 4375)

The World Book: “HOMER: Scholars have written long and learned books to prove that such a person never existed…. Vital, too, is the great debt modern scholarship owes to the Iliad and the Odyssey for knowledge of the very ancient Greeks, save for them little would be known about the Greek ideas of the gods and their attitude toward human affairs….”

(Organized Knowledge In Story and Picture l924 Roach & Fow- ler, emphasis added)

“We know nothing directly about this world except through the Iliad and the Odyssey. The Iliad and the Odyssey

are the oldest complete books in the Western world. No one knows for certain who wrote them, or where, or when. Sudden- ly they gushed out of the earth….” (Gilbert Highet, INTRO- DUCTION - (The Complete Works Of Homer Pub. The Modern Lib- rary N.Y. p. VII and V. excerpt, emphasis added)

“Without a knowledge of these ancient myths, then, we find ourselves unable to understand even the writers of our own language, so completely have mythological allusions and ideas become interwoven in all literature.” (The Delphian Course Part 2, 1913, By The Delphian Society Chic. P. 84)

The Greek and Roman concoctions of mythology and philo- sophy are bolstered by Egyptian mythology to scientifically

ly weave their thread of pagan philosophy into a pattern of world religion.

“Osiris, said to have been an ancient King of Egypt, was the Sun; and Isis, his wife, the Moon; and his history [myth] recounts… the annual journey of the great Luminary of Heaven through the different signs of the Zodiac. (M&D p. 375)

“The Hebrew allegory of the Fall of Man, which is but a special veriation of a universal legend, symbolized one of the grandest and most universal allegories of science. (M&D p. 100)

The primitive [first] man recognized the Divine Presence under a variety of appearances… To him the image of the Deity was reflected in all that was pre-eminent in excellence. He was Jehovah, like Osiris and Bel [Baal (Lord Mas- ter), the Sun god]….

Hebrew Theism itself became involved in symbolism and image-worship, to which all religions ever tend.” (M&D p. 513,514)

“This myth of Osiris is viewed as a picture of the daily life of the sun [symbol for self], combating darkness yet at last succumbing too it, to appear again [with the dawn] in renewed splendor [resurrected]… as… Horus. It is also viewed as a picture of human life, its perpetual conflict and final seeming destruction, to be restored in… a brighter existence.” (FREEMASONRY AN INTERPRETATION By Martin L. Wagner p. 197)
“We also find in Egypt this Triad or Trinity: Osiris [god of the netherworld], Isis [of Gaul (France) Queen of Heaven, the Virgin who was to bear a child M&D p. 104], and Horus [their offspring] were the Father, Mother, and Son… or first begotten. (M&D p. 54)

Trinities of the Kabalists the origin of the Christian Trinity. (DIGEST OF “MORALS AND DOGMA” P. 196)

Wisdom as the Father, Intelligence the Mother, are in equilibrium [neutralizing any differences] as male and fe- male, and they are conjoined, and one shines in the other. Then they [Wisdom and Intelligence] generate… When they are coupled; and when the son [Sun or SELF] is in them, the summary of all things is in one [SELF]. (M&D p.800)


THE MOLTEN IMAGE “Science Of Reason”



In quest of the truth I have searched encyclopedias and histories for the answer to: what is recorded fact; what is possible; what is incredibly improbable and undoubtedly fab- ricated in both history books and the encyclopedias? The conclusion is: the encyclopedia originated with the Western Jewish Enlightenment - alias, Illuminati, or Rosicrucian Degree of Freemasonry - alias, Encyclopedists of the 18th century.

I seriously doubt there was such a thing as an ancient

encyclopedia. Presumably there was one written for the Ma- sons in l728 by Ephraim Chambers, that provided a foothold for the Encyclope’die, ou Dictionnaire Raisonne’ des Scien- ces, des Arts, et des Métiers (Encyclopedia or Systematic Dictionary of Sciences, Arts, and Trades [or Crafts - as in “witchcraft” not in the Craft of stone masonry].

The Encyclopedia was the vehicle of definite philoso- phical views, and was considered sufficiently radical and materialistic by the orthodox to subject it to condemnation and its editor to persecution. This aspect of the work was given an important place in modern thought.

Those who were associated with it or accepted its views became identified as the ’Encyclopedists’…. a term that denoted a definite social philosophy and defined [cultural] movement [known as the Enlightenment]. The Encyclopedia was published (l751-72) in twenty eight volumes… Many editions followed, and the work was variously modified and supple- mented.” (Funk & wagnalls New Encyclopedia vol. 9)

The Encyclope’dia, or Dictionnaire was a contrivance to, through education, with it as an authority on all mat- ters, evolve a God-less “occult” culture for a “One World” society. A culture with a mystic, mythological Messiah (Gk. Christ, Anointed One) of that culture.

Modern Jewish religion is based strictly on occultism, but let us see how it was made acceptable by using the Bible and inventiveness to create a historical geographic back- ground that has abetted the most successful hoax in human history. In fact ”human history” plays a important role in the “God’s Chosen People” hoax.

Let’s go to both encyclopedia and history to see where a background for the “modern” Jew is carefully laid to con- nect them with the Bible they proceed to treat as a history: go to what history proclaims was the “first civilization” with complete disregard for the truth historian, H.G. Wells,

knowingly exposed to view when he stated: “No body knew anything of the origins of civilization.” (THE OUTLINES OF HISTORY vol. 2. P. 409) But none-the-less the intent to de- ceive continues:

“Older than that of any other country, modern histori- ans and scientists have learned much of the story of Early Egypt from monuments and inscriptions left by ancient Egyp- tians. Interest in ancient Egypt and knowledge of it life increased greatly in l799, when an officer in Napoleon’s army found the Rosetta Stone.” (1)

Do you suppose it is just coincidence that the Masons supported Napoleon, and that Hegel, supposedly the origin- ator of Karl Marx dialectical materialism (thesis, antithe- sis, synthesis), was also an admirer of Emperor Napoleon; and that it was an “officer of Napoleon’s army” who found the: “black basalt slab bearing an inscription that was the key to the deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphics”?

“A WORLD BACKGROUND FOR THE UNITED STATES”, with a © from l941, 946, is written for probably the 4th to 6th grade student. It, like all other history concerning beginnings, introduced prehistoric man, then ancient Egypt, in the usual pattern, as the “first civilization”. Next, again ac- cording to pattern, we are introduced to the Hebrews, later to be identified in history and religion, as “the people who brought us God”. All of ancient and prehistory is provided as a backdrop to introduce this nation as having a special claim on God, as though they created Him; instead of the other way around.

The identity of Egypt, as the first civilization is of great importance to God’s adversaries. The “supreme being” of Egypt is also the supreme being of God’s enemies.

“The Supreme Being of the Egyptians was Amun, a secret and concealed God, the Unknown Father of the Gnostics, the Source of Divine Life….

Of this Supreme Being, Osiris was the image, Source of all Good in the moral and physical world, and constant foe of Typhon… the Satan of Gnosticism… and over whom Har-Oeri, the Redeemer, Son of Isis and Osiris [Horus, symbol for the Sun or SELF], is finally to prevail.” (Morals And Dogma p. 281)

A WORLD BACKGROUND FOR THE UNITED STATES:, Unit One page one, simply fabricates a prehistoric people for its young readers stating:

“From these unwritten records the history of prehis- toric men has been written. In the first chapter of this unit you will read the story these records tell of the people who lived before history began“. It follows that since history is a written record, these people had no history. 
On the second page our young readers are confronted with:

“The Valley of the Nile was one place in which they settled. Here, in time, grew up one of the earliest civil- izations, that of the people of Egypt [and without further adieu it is alleged]

Also in the ancient east two other peoples contributed to the growth of civilization. These were the Hebrews, who developed ideas about religion which were new at the time, and the Phoenicians….” (2)

Or, as Max I. Dimont, in, “JEWS, GOD AND HISTORY” would like us to believe:

A depth survey of the Pagan Age, which begins with a band of nomads known as Hebrews, who elbowed their way into history, ’invented’ a monopoly God….” etc.. (see p 23, ’THE PORTABLE GOD”.

What has really been invented here is history and the contention that the currently recognized Hebrews are “God’s Chosen People”. According to Ethel E. Ewing, Professor of Anthropology [the study of man], Long Beach State College, California: “Much intelligent guesswork has been required to put together the story of mankind before the invention of writing.”(3)

“Human” history teachings start with Man as the beginning, then from nowhere the Hebrews, and the teaching that man controls his own environment, destiny, conduct, and fate. Through religion, based on Judaism, theological semi- naries have educated ministers in theology [god-logic] to accept and teach, as Scriptural, the blasphemy of them “which say they are Jews, and are not, but are of the syna- gogue of Satan” (See Rev. 2:9b)

As early as l899, Meyers General History, prepared us to accept a fabricated history whose purpose was to provide a setting for the introduction of Khazar Mongolian Russians, who had always been barbarians, as God’s chosen people. It leads us through a fabricated “thirty-one” dynasties of Egypt:

“Thirty of these we find in the lists of Manetho, an Egyptian priest who lived in the third century B.C., and who compiled a chronicle [another convenience for historians, like the Egyptian Rosetta Stone] of the kings of the country from the manuscripts kept in Egyptian temples.

We cannot assign a positive date to the beginning of the First Dynasty, chiefly because Egyptologists [political scientists who study supposedly ancient relics and writings] are at a loss to know whether to consider all the dynasties of Manetho’s list as successive or in part contemporaneous. Thus, it is held by some scholars that several of these families were reigning at the same time in different cities  of Upper and Lower Egypt; while others think that they all reigned at different epochs, and that the sum of the length of the several dynasties gives us the true date of the be- ginning of the political history of the country.” (4)

It is impossible for me to accept the registering of “diverse” opinions: as historical fact. On close perusal you find much of all history is registered in just such and in- conclusive manner; particularly the histories of ancient Rome and Greece: these were created to provide a basis for the Intellectual’s moralist philosophy of the ideal man and perfect state of Greek philosophic, mythological gods, and an occult moralist religion produced by Judaism and Free masonry.  Because of the frequency of the use of the word in the next few quotes, I would like you to take note of the given meaning of the word:

tradition: 4, a persistent story, often relating to historical characters, but not based on fact: (5) That the word “tradition” is used in lieu of the fact, is clearly established in exceprts from, A GENERAL HISTORY:

“Mens is the first kingly personage… Tradition makes him founder of Memphis….

The mountains of stone heaped together by the pyramid kings are proof they were cruel oppressors… tradition tells how the very memory of these monarchs was hated by the people…

After the sixth Dynasty, Egypt, for several centuries, is almost lost from view. Soon after the bright period of the twelfth Dynasty, Egypt again suffered eclipse… It was probably during the supremacy of the Hyksos that the family of Israel found refuge in Lower Egypt. They received a kind- ly reception….” I note with interest the “History” states “It was probably” (concerning the time) in contrast with the positive “Israel found”, and positive: “They received a kind reception”. (6) The time was supposed to have been between 2100 and l650 B.C.. Its difficult to see how they could make “positive” statements, or even “probable” ones. It appears “imagination” probably played a big part in his- tory.

In each instance, as I researched history, I found as soon as Egypt was establish, whether by fiction or “trad- ition”, we were immediately told of the nation of Israel, which is without any foundation as God’s chosen people other than taking the Spiritual Scriptures and applying a literal interpretation to supply a ficticious history for the people now occupying Palestinian lands. The success of the latter in passing themselves off as God’s Israel, has made deceived Christians a party to their anti-God activities.

The Scriptures say: “TRULY God is good to Israel, even such as are of a clean heart.” These are the Israel of God. The success of the imposters in passing themselves off as God’s chosen people has made deceived Christians a party to their anti-God activities. You can preach “anti-Christ” from here to eternity, as long as you believe in the works of the Judeo-Christian Messiah (Christ, Gk. Anointed One), and never learn the Truth: “All Is By The Grace Of God”: nothing else you might believe will count for anything! THAT IS THE TOTALITY OF TRUTH!

Max I Dimont, states in, JEWS, GOD AND HISTORY: “The Jews elbowed their way into history late and inconspicuous- usly. They went through no Stone or Bronze Age, They had no Iron Age….

Jewish history dates from the day, four thousand years ago, when a man named Abraham had an encounter with God, known to him as Jehovah….” Here someone errs; The word Jehovah is of modern vintage, the Dictionary informs us:

Jehovah[16th -cent. Eng.] a reconstructed form, commonly used [only] since the 17th century”. (THE WINSTON SIMPLIFIED DICTIONARY), In other words Jehovah is known as a l7th century English word“. Therefore it is impossible that Abraham would have known God by the name Jehovah!

Jehovah… {modern transliteration of the Heb. Sacred name for God, the so-called tetragrammation [word of for letters: SELF or “I am that I am” Ed.] (WEBSTER’S NEW WORLD DICTIONARY OF THE AMERICAN LANGUAGE, containing 2068 pages.)

Tetragrammation… considered to sacred to pronounce: the word Adoni or Elohim (God) [the latter name, Elohim (plural) is composed of the seven Sephiroth or attributes of human perfection in the occult philosophy], are inserted in Hebrew texts, so that the modern reconstructions are Yahweh; Jeho- vah, etc..” (ibid. emph. add.)

“JEHOVAH… It indicates that the name was originally spoken Jehweh or Yahweh (often spelled Yahweh in modren us- age). Etymologically, it is a third person singular, imper- fect, probably of the verb hawah (or hajah), signifying [the verb] to be’. The older interpreters explain the verb in a metaphysical and abstract sense; the ’I am’ of the Scrip- tures is ’He Who is’, the absolute existent.” [adopted from Exodus 3:14, and given the meaning “SELF“, in the occult in-

terpretation. Ed.]. (Funk & Wagnalls, excerpt and emphasis added) Dimont, continues: “During these twenty-five hundred years, while the people in these civilizations built cities, enriched themselves with plunder, enjoyed their mistresses,

wrote laws and dreamed of world conquest [a little Dimont embellishment, no doubt] the Jews were nonexistent. Then about the year 2000 (B.C.? Ed.) … a man named Terah took his son Abraham, Abraham’s wife Sarah, and his grandson Lot, the nephew of Abraham, and emigrated from the cosmopolitan city of Ur. In Babylonia.

Who were they - Terah, Abraham, Sarah, Lot? History does not know and the Bible does not identigy them beyond tracing Terah’s genealogy to shem, one of the three sons of Noah. Was Terah a Babylonian? What language did he speak What was his occupation? All of these questions the Bible leaves unanswered….” (7)

By taking the Bible of what Dimont calls an “invented God“, [see page 23 of Jews, God And History], he has written a history that he says “does not pander to anti-intellect- ualism.” (p. IX par. 1)

The so-called “intellectuals” enjoy the delusions they have created for the masses. They know they are not the Israel defined in Psalms 73:1 “even such as are of a clean heart.” Jewish history has been purloined from the Bible. The Bible does not come to us through Jewish history, con- trary to all the brainwashing and propaganda we have been subjected too.

Funk & Wagnalls Standard Reference encyclopedia, treats the matter in the following manner:

Bible, The Old Testament. No historical information exist concerning the stages of the development of the Old Testament Cannon among the Jews. It is generally supposed, however….” (8)

And thereby hangs the tale. That the Bible exists and is the Word of God, is indisputable. There is only imagin- ative creativity that points to it having been handed, by God, to the ethnic Jews as its custodians. Nor was it or- iginally given, in any form, modern or ancient, in the Hebrew tongue. It was committed to God’s servants whose faith would be unshakable, and possibly in the language of the “SAHARA MYSTERY MEN (the Tuarges) Tamachek. “Tamachek,

is written in the Tifinagh script, one of the most ancient forms of writing still used… declared by Sir Charles Marston to be the script of the original Pentateuch.” (9)

In any event its true origin and language has been deliberately obscured and supplanted with the notion it was given to a fake Hebrew nation: This appears to be the work of early ecclesiastics within the Catholic and Jewish in- situations: perhaps their Monasteries. All of Christendom is based on and supports the Jewish fraud.

“PRESERVATION OF THE BIBLE: In reading revised versions of the Bible people have noticed that the passages have been changed so as to give an altogether different sense to the text…. They have also wondered how often this same thing may have been done at other times by other trans- lators. These people have learned that the original Bible is not in our possession, that the original documents disap peared or were destroyed centuries ago…. In many instances there has arisen an unspoken doubt which is the result of haziness as to how our Bible has come down through the centuries….

What has already been noted is that we have no auto- graphs of the Hebrew or Greek Scriptures. We have called them the original documents but none of them are in our possession. What, in this respect, is true of the bible is true of Greek and Latin classic authors - there are no autograph copies of these.” (10)

By logical selection and humanistic interpretation of the Sriptures it has been possible for those “who say they are Jews and are not: to establish themselves, in the minds of men, as God’s chosen people. The Bible was not set in history but time in history has been established through a literal interpretation of the spiritual writings that were intended to have only a spiritual interpretation. “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scriptures is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost [Spirit of Truth]. (II Peter 1:20,21) It is plain to see this is where errors in belief first occurred. It is at this point we are face to face with what is called the communist “Principle of Reversal”; taking their greatest weakness and by daring and bluff converting it into their greatest item of strength. The “Principle” has been an exquisite tool in the hand of the anti-God humanis- tic “Intellectuals”.



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THE MOLTEN IMAGE “Science Of Reason”



After years of research in this area I find it is im- possible to trace anything of historical fact further back than the year l7l7; the year Freemasonry was organized in London England. True historical facts have been obliterated by a fabricated network of historical illusions drawn from myths of ancient Greece, Rome, the Crusades, and the Dark or (Middle) ages.

Dark, or Middle ages, was the only answer the Enlight- enment Movement could come up with to bridge the gap in years between their classical Greek and Roman period (rang- ing from a prehistoric 4000 B.C. to the fall of the Roman Empire which they timed at approximately 400 years after the “birth of Christ), and a period called the RENAISSANCE: an era between the end of the l5th century and the advent of Freemasonry in the year l7l7. According to, Funk & Wagnalls, “Renaissance: [is a] term usually applied to the intellect- ual movement with its revival of letters and art that marked the transition from medieval to modern history….” They speak of a “revival” of letters and art when they never previously

existed. It was an era that had its beginning with the

45.Encyclopedia Dictionary that inaugurated the vogue of ’clas- sicism’ the fashion of regarding the classical civilization of ancient Greece and Rome as the greatest which the world had ever known or could know….” (MODERN EUROPE 1870, p. 98.99 excerpt)

Without the creation of “classical” history, Free- masonry and the Enlightenment would have had nothing upon which to base their philosophical religion. A religion to- tally enrapt with what they considered the perfect ideas of the Greek philosophers, Plato, Aristotle, and Isocrates, to

be concerning governing of self and others. (Philosophers whose world H.G. Wells, historiographer, referred to as having “practically no historical perspective at all”).

Beyond the philosophies Freemasonry had designated as those necessary for creating the “perfect State: were the figures of Greek gods Adonis and Apollo, the latter was also adopted by the Romans, depicting the perfect human male in the physical sense, as a human Messiah (Gk. Christ) born about 30 A.D. filled with the human spirit of self perfec- tion.

MODERNISM, according to “THE WINSTON SIMPLIFIED DIC- TIONARY, is: “a theological method based on modern scholar- ship which attempts to reconcile the church dogmas with mod- ern science [“of human regeneration”] and philosophy… a modern movement… tending to…harmonize modern scientific knowledge [Gnosticism] and Bible criticism with the spirit of Christianity”. (p. 627)

Classicism and Modernism are wedded to create the religion of Secular Humanism: the false belief that man has it within his own power to establish a perfect “human” society.As recently as l967 Robert Ergang stated in, EUROPE From the Renaissance To Waterloo, “”Classical Greek… had become practically extinct, and the literature of ancient Greece survived only in Latin translations of the works of Plato and Aristotle [they fail to mention “Latin: appears to be of recent vintage and derivation of the French language].

Since the content of this classical literature was pagan [based only on presumption of the possibility of Greek, Roman, etc. gods and “idolatry”] it was regarded by many leading churchmen as inimical [hostile] to Christianity [which it was not]. Thus Gregory, Bishop of Tours, advised his generation to ’forego the wisdom of the ages at enmity with God…. But not all churchmen repudiated the classics; many continued to cherish them, and sought to accommodate them to the essential teaching of the Church. Thus Socrates and Plato were made into precursors [forerunners] of Chris-

tianity, and the works of Aristotle were interpreted by Albertus Magnus and Thomas Aquinas in such a fashion as to furnish the logical basis for the Catholic theology.

In the classics the man of the Renaissance found a sec- ular [worldly] view of life which supported and strengthen his own. Hence the classics became for man a practical school of life [moral order], almost a religion. From the Latin words littarae humanores (human letters, lit- erature dealing with humanity) such a study of the classics is known as humanism, and those who pursued this study are called humanists….” (INTALIAN HUMANISM, P. 51,52, D.C. Heath and Co, © l967 emphasis added)



THE MOLTEN IMAGE “Science Of Reason”


“Testing The Credibility Of The Incredible”

Through searching and researching to discover indisput- able truths I find ancient history takes us back to a time without proof of that alleged time; the Stone Age and the Ice Age, for example. The only word we have that such ages ever existed, “… hundreds of thousands of years ago (al- though no one knows exactly when)… “ (1), is that of archae- ologists whose archaeological studies can draw no indisput- able conclusions. Extracting the word “logic” from archaeo-

logical, we know that “logic” is not an exact science, and

we must therefore assume archaeo-logical studies cannot be an exact science. Archaeological studies are the logical study of ancient relics or artifacts presumed to be ancient. A whole gamut of sciences are employed to implement the basic science of control of the human mind: “what you can make people believe and how to make them believe it“. As far as the science of archaeology is concerned; we find the artifacts studied by this science: “… were noticed by our ancestors centuries ago….” (2) Thus we learn history only records man in centuries except for the tales and stories created for us by scientists. In an effort to place itself in the realm of the intel- lectual, and supposedly beyond the comprehension of the ave- rage man, archaeological science has divided time into per- iods of antiquity. These “scientists” go to a lot of trouble

to convince the average person they are endowed with wisdom and learning beyond his or her reach. They tell us:

“The periods of classical archaeology * …include the Neolithic Period; two divisions of the Bronze Age… the Mino- an and Mycenaean; three divisions of Hellenic times (early Hellenic, Hellenic ascendancy, Hellenic decline) and a Roman period.” (3)“The bronze age occurred in the middle of the 2nd mil- lennium. The Homeric poems depict the culture of a people (about l200 B.C.)….” (4) If the Homeric poems are a criteria for judging the “Bronze Age” it is a very flimsy basis in-

deed. To show how “science” decides something is true and then goes about creating proof of it: someone wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey:** but when? Scientists try to con- vince us they were written between 1200 and 850 B.C., when a fictitious character named Homer was, hopefully, supposed to

have existed. But let us see what the encyclopedia itself says of, “HOMER (between 1200 and 850 B.C., traditional poet of ancient Greece… but his birthplace and the age in which he lived are unknown. According to legend, ‘Homer’, assuming for the sake of convenience that he was one person… was a divinely inspired poet, blind, old, and poor….

The first evidence of a written text of the Iliad and the Odyssey dates from the late 6th century B.C. [not ex- actly 1200 to 850].

However, it is impossible to determine which part of the Homeric poems is history and which is fiction and folklore….

In modern times the works of Homer have influenced almost every school of Western poetry and literature [this much about the poems is true].

The so-called Homeric Poems… are the work not of Homer but of various other poets who drew on a traditional body of legend. Only fragments of these later epics exists.

HOMERIC QUESTION… Wolf [Fredrich August Wolf - German scholar (1759-1824) expounded the theory that the Iliad and Odyssey are the work not of one but of several poets….”(5)

The controversy concerning Homer is endless and the Intellectual can appreciate the irony of it; because, al- though the authorship of these poems is an endless question, the poems themselves are used to color all literature and history. Therefore: we must assume they are a part of the l8th century invention that was created with the Encyclo- pedia Dictionary.

* “This term is used to signify that branch of archaeology

which specializes in enriching historical knowledge

through the interpretation of material remains from the

periods of classical, i,e,, Greek and Roman, antiquity”

(UNIVERSAL STANDARD ENCY. vol. 1, p. 348, Col. 1, par.2

** “Tales of Ulysses and Troy. The myths upon which all ancient history is founded.

(1) HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION EARLIER AGES Chapter 1, p.7,GINN AND COMPANY, The Athenaeum Press, Boston, USA ©

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flan Morse Ed. in Chief. (5) UNIVERSAL STANDARD ENCYCLOPEDIA VOL. 12, P. 4374, 4375




THE MOLTEN IMAGE “Science Of Reason”



Like the other “scientific” principles discussed in this writing we find the theory that dominates Geology has been in existence only since the time of the Encyclopedists.

“The process of very slow change that we observe at present has been the only process of importance from the beginning.

This theory [of evolution], first advanced by Hutton (l795) and Lamarck (1800), was elevated to its present pos- ition as a scientific law by Charles Lyell, a young attorney whose interest in geology was to make him the most influen- tial person in that field, and by Lyell’s diciple and friend, Charles Darwin. Darwin built his theory of evolution of Lyell’s Principle of Uniformity….” (1)

The above dates reflect the same approximate time that interest was first shown in the science of Archaeology and Egyptology and with other activities in other fields of education, such as Classicism, in apparent support of the science of Scientism itself. All such dates appear to stem from the time of the writing of the Encyclopedia Dictionary by the French Encyclopedists identified with the Enlighten- 53.ment [Illuminate] cultural movement that had its beginning early in the l8th century.

Would “a young attorney” be the most influential person in this scientific field if there were no extenuating cir- cumstances?

Immanuel Velikovsky in “EARTH IN UPHEAVEL”, does an excellent job of exposing the probable fallacy of The Doctrine of Uniformity, “J.C. Dana, the leading American geologist of the second half of the last (l9th) century, wrote: ’the encasing in ice of huge elephants, and the perfect preservation of the flesh, shows that the cold finally became SUDDENLY extreme, as of a single winter’s night, and knew no relenting afterward.’”(2) (1) IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY “EARTH IN UPHEAVAL” Chapter III “UNIFORMITY” P. 23, A Delta Book, Ppublished by Dell Pub- lishing Co. Inc. 750 3rd Ave. NY, NY l000l7

(2) ibid. p. 6 par. 1.



THE MOLTEN IMAGE “Science Of Reason”



Through perversion of education, starting with the re- vision of the “Cyclopedia, or Universal Dictionary of the Arts and Sciences” between l751 and l772, we see the anti-God moralist attack launched on the spiritual values of men through the “psych-or psycho- [Gk, fr. psyche… principle of life, soul… 1: soul: spirit, defined as: “mental processes, and mind, soul, spirit.” <psychognosis> 2: a : mind: mental processes and activities <psychodynamic> <psychology> b :psychological methods <psychoasnalysis> <psychotherapy> c: <psychosurgery> [lobotomy]…” (Webster’s Seventh New Colle- giate Dictionary)From the Russian textgook on Psychopolitics by Lavrentia Beria, Soviet chief of Police under Stalin, we glean facts pertinent to control of individuals and masses through their mental processes:

“Today, Russian culture has evolved more certain and definite methods of aligning and securing the loyalties of persons and populaces, and of enforcing obedience upon them. This modern outgrowth of old practices is called Psychopolitics. Basically, man is an animal…. Man is a collective anim- al, grouped together for his own protection before the threat of the environment [this, ‘the threat of the environMent”, was one of former Vice President Gore’s priorities, convincing us “we are threatened of the environment.” The vehemence with which he attacked the subject left little doubt he knows it played a major part in “psychological control” of the masses. It has beenn made to appear to be a threat to our survival as human beings]. Those who so group and control him [the animal man] must then have in their possssion special techniques to direct the vagaries and en- ergies of the animal Man toward greater efficiency in the accomplishment of the goals of the State.

Psychopolitics is the art and science of asserting and maintaining dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of in- dividuals… and masses, and the effecting of the conquest of enemy nations through ‘mental healing….’”(1)

this is the ultimate purpose of MENTAL HEALTH pro- grams. In modern terminology “Phycho” means MADMAN. The Illuminati [highest degree of Freemasonry] considers all who oppose them and their “new World Order” to be mentally ill and thoroughly mad: therefore they have psychological pro- grams to bring men’s mind into alignment with what they consider an acceptable or “politically correct” attitude.

If progressive education fails to produce the zombie like individual they want for human resources, as slaves, psychologists and psychiatrists will get their chance to work with school children through modern day extensive pro- grams of psychiatric of psychological counseling.

“To consider these questions and related problems from the combined viewpoints of sociology, psychology, psychia- try, social work, anthropology, political science, philoso- phy and theology, a group of twenty-four representatives of these professions from ten countries have been in conference from 24th of July to the 8th of August, l948, at Roffey Park, Sussex. This group had available reports from three hundred preparatory commissions composed of about five thousand soc-

ial scientists, psychiatrists and others, who have been working during the past year in twenty-seven countries in anticipation of the International Congress of Mental Health.

Principles of mental health cannot be successfully fur- thered in any society unless there is progressive acceptance of the concept of world citizenship. World citizenship can be widely extended among all peoples through the applica- tions of principles of mental health.

Studies of human development indicate the modifiability of human behavior throughout life, especially during infancy, childhood and adolescence, by human contacts… These newly recognized possibilities prove the basis for improving human relations [later identified as brainwashing].

Social institutions such as family and school impose their imprint early in the personality development of their members, who in turn tend to perpetuate the traditional pat- tern to which they have been molded. It is the men and women in whom these patterns of attitudes and behavior have been incorporated who present the immediate resistance to social, economic, and political changes.” (2)MORALS AND DOGMA, states: “If a people comprehend Force in the physical sense, how much more do they reverence the intellectual! Ask Hildebrand, or Luther, or Loyola. They fall prostrate before it, as before an idol. The mastery of mind over mind is the only conquest worth having.

Influence of man over man is a law of nature [human nature, in the “Natural” religion of HU (man) ism]…. It may mean slavery, a deference to the eminent [exalted] human judgment [of the elite of Masonry and Judaism]” (p. 31)The following quotes are in excerpts extracted from William H. Whyte Jr’s book, THE ORGANIZATION MAN: “THE FIRST DENOMINATOR IS SCIENTISM. THIS IS THE PRAC- TICAL PART OF the Social Ethic, for it is the promise that with the same techniques that have worked in the physical sciences we can eventually create an exact science of man.

We have applied science to things, and only now have we begun applying it to man himself. Already we have learned some useful social techniques; we can measure personality, can spot the obstacles to good group dynamics {brainwashing]

And predict communication response… If only we provide the time and money, before long we can unwrap the whole enigma with a unified science of man.

Here, extracted from the proceedings of several con- ferences, is a fair composite of the message: ’More than ever the world’s greatest need is a science of human rela- tions [“human relations training” is another term for brain- washing], and an art of human engineering based upon the laws of such science…. Although human relationship problems are extremely complicated, science is gradually reducing them to simple fundamentals through which these complexities are reduced to factors that respond to direct and simple treatment.

And how very ancient it all is! Most of the people who harken to the vision of a unified science of man believe theirs is a fresh new version, but in reality it is a clich’e that has been kicked around for centuries. Ever since Newton [this is in reference to Sir Isaac Newton‘s Low of motion: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” (3)], scores of Natural scientists have stepped out of their area of competence to suggest the possibilities of a science of man.” (4) As recently as l968 or l969 a visit to the Denver, CO. Public Library revealed nothing listed under humanism, human relations, or sensitivity training: other than a single art- icle in Psychology Today, and that was in the “Engineering Dept.” of the Library. The article was concerned with the tragic effect sensitivity training (brainwashing) had on what had once, before sensitivity training, been a popular school teacher.

It has become quite obvious that this “science of man” is: Pshychology, the “science of the human mind and of human behavior…” (5) Those who think they understand the human mind are lim-

ited to certain types. They cannot predict the spiritual reaction to a human action; therefore the humanist scientists have found the only sure method of getting l00% of mental control and cooperation over the population is to eliminate, physically, probably at least 20% of the world’s population. They are a “death cult” so they don’t flinch at such a necessity.

They [the Enlightened ones or Humanists] know there are those who will not be brainwashed through human relations indoctrination, sensitivity training, or brainwashing (all of which are the same humanizing “science of man” that is now rampant everywhere in education, business leadership training, religion, etc.. But most particularly these meth- ods of control are pointed at our children; our future generations.

When our Government funds programs with Federal grants, through the NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION, such as “MAN: A COURSE OF STUDY“; strictly humanistic program aimed at the 5th grade level of education but the simplicity of pictures and words made it applicable to children much younger, you wonder what types of individuals are entrenched in our Government.

The founding Fathers left education in the hands of the parents. Later, public education was introduced and parents controlled their children’s education through local govern- ments, but in recent years the Federal Government has found it necessary to make our children’s future, through Govern-sponsored education, the responsibility of the STATE.

“IN l964, Jerome Bruner, head of the center for Cog- nitive Studies at Harvard, took a year’s leave from his research on learning in young children to direct the early development of a fifth grade social studies course which he entitled “Man: A Course Of Study [MACOS].” (TEACHERS GUIDE 1. P. 3)
After exhaustive research of this social Studies Course I found it was designed to reduce man to animal status and the primary theme of the Course reduced man’s life to a ”life cycle” where: “you are born, you reproduce, you die.” There was no hope for anything more than that in life.

The Course was introduced in a number of schools nation wide in the late 60’s or early 70’s. This Course was so God- less it took only a minor effort, plus, of course, the grace of God, to squelch it although it had been four years in the preparing.

In reviewing the “SIXTEENTH REPORT - SENATE INVESTI- GATING COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION, California Legislature l958 Budget Session“, we can get some of the picture of the chan- ges in education from our previous culture to something new and foreign to that culture:

“The group philosophy in the {Teachers] Guides appears to be a collective philosophy in which the welfare of the group is considered above all personal ambitions, desires and incentives. It seems that this philosophy would have a tendency to weaken the American traditions of individual freedom, and to reconstruct society along collectivist lines in which you take from each according to ability and give to each according to his needs [the true Communist philosophy]. The child is not to work primarily for personal improvement or personal gain but for group acceptance and group welfare. It is also possible that children will be forced to conform to group standards, and have proper group attitudes, or they will be suspected of poor mental health. (Chapter Eleven “THE GROUP OR COLLECTIVE”)

Although the words mental health are rarely used in the Guides, the problem is discussed at length. Mental health

pertains to attitudes, behavior, and social and group adjustment.” (Chapter l3 “MENTAL HEALTH”)

Richard Nixon, addressed the National Governors’ Con- ference Sept. l, l969. In that address he made the state- ment: “We have declared the first 5 years of a child’s life to be a period of special and specific Federal concern.

These reforms represent a new Federalism, a new Human- ism, and, I suggest also a new Realism.”Dr. Bertram S. Brown, head of the National Institute of Mental Health addressed the American Academy of Child Psych- iatrists in Denver, in October of l970. THE DENVER POST of Oct. 18th quotes him as follows:The federal government’s top psychiatrist said Satur- day it’s time for cild psychiatrists to combine ‘the reality of the play pen with political reality so that this nation may pay more attention to the mental health of children…. Dr. Bertram S. Brown, said in an interview he believes child psychiatrists should become political advocates….”

An article in NEWSWEEK April 20, l960 states: “It was revealed that the President and his advisers were consider- ing a still more drastic proposal - mass administration of psychological tests to detect children apt to become anti- social, and even the establishment of special camps for training teenagers.

‘The scheme is the brainchild of Dr. Arnold Hutsch- necker, a Park Avenue physician who once treated Mr. Nixon for a medical problem when he was Vice President, and who later began to specialize in the practice of psychotherapy (even though he was not a board-certified psychiatrist).’

TESTS: Every child between the ages of 6 and 8, according to Hutschnecker’s plan, would take a battery of psychological tests designed to detect mental disturbance or a propensity for antisocial behavior. The youngest such children would be helped in federally supported day-care centers:

The White House then forwarded Hutschnecker’s plan to Secretary of Health, Education, and welfare, Robert H. Finch, so that it could be studied and possibly put into practice.” (quotes not necessarily in consecutive order).

As an example of human relations education I would like to quote from the 3rd page in a hand book from:



BEAR CREEK HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE of the Principle (Febru- ary l972)






How could anything that sounds so “Christian” be so deadly? Because it leaves all of the things we must seek the mercy and grace of God, for in the hands of the Godless; those who trust in man as opposed to God.

Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD. (Jeremiah 17:5) Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature? But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matthew 6:27,33)Scientism is a political tool rampant with deceit. Without its Christian façade their humanistic teachings would be totally unacceptable. Instead of teaching princi- ples and values are, in their acquisition, gifts of god, through His Spirit, humanists teaching urges you to trust in SELF until you evolve to the state of human perfection. Satan is a subtle Devil.

This insidious Science of Self-perfection, when it fails, produces Self-condemnation.. It is called community relations, among other things, and used to brainwash those in public service, such as police officers. In business offices it is called leadership training, and for school teachers we have “inservice training“. The primary killer part of it is in confessions of failure and feelings of inadequacy. This is what they want: your confidence in SELF and God eroded to the point of distrusting even your own in- stincts as well as distrusting all of those around you. This

makes you vulnerable as a manageable entity.


(1) BRAIN-WASHING, A synthesis of the Russian Testbook on

Psychopolitics, by Lavrentia Beria.


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College, Worchester, Mass. Ch. 1, p. 5 , par. 1.


                                                                                                THE MOLTEN IMAGE “Science Of Reason”



According to the Encyclopedia:“ The transition from the ancient to the modern type of encyclopedia was due largely to the cultural movement known as the Enlightenment….” (1)This movement had plans to change all the world’s cult-

ures into a single culture that would be controlled by the self-appointed of the Order of Illuminati: a humanist sect that had instigated the diabolical movement before the time of the American Revolution.

Funk & Wagnalls describes the word, “Encyclopedists [as the], name given the writers of the l8th century French En-cyclop’edie, ou Dictionnaire Raisonn’e des Science, des Art et des Me’ters, and to the followers of their philosophy of enlightenment.”(2) They, the followers of the enlightenment movement, played a major role in the world’s religious and political thinking by taking the words of the Bible and giv- ing them secular meanings arrived at by the use of “reason and logic” as to how the Spiritual words could be twisted to convey meanings to the advantage of the “illuminated”! It thereafter became a tool of the logicians: or the anti-God humanists.

After the controversial Encyclope’dia ou Dictionaire was finally accepted, it became the basis of all public edu- cation that was soon to follow. By the time Bibles were available to the ordinary class, public education had ap- plied the “logical” meanings to Spiritual words and misin- terpretation of the Scriptures was inevitable.

Biblical scholars, who would be imparting religious training to future generations, were led, through their own education, to use secular interpretations that were contrary to the spiritual meanings and we were taught, for religious purposes, the letter of the word, or man‘s interpretation of it, as opposed to the Spirit of the Word.

Early leaders of the Enlightenment Movement had a great deal of literal insight into the Scriptures because they were most, if not all, educated in Catholic and Jesuit in- stitutions and their teachings were Gnostic: “pertaining to, Gnosticism. “a system of mystic philosophy from Christian, Jewish and Greek and Oriental pagan sources… and which, like Neoplatonism… explained man and the physical universe as re- sulting from a series of… emanations from the supreme god-head…. (3) (emphasis added) The mystical ideas [of death, burial, and resurrection] naturally formed a part of the sacred doctrine and of the ceremonies of initiation, the object of which… was to unite man with the World of the Deity [God]; and the final term of perfection…. The Mysteries [symbol of the death, burial, and resurrection of the soul] were practiced as a means of per- fecting the [human] soul…. (M&D p.415)Teaching this, the Mysteries strove to recall man to his divine origin [supposedly before the “fall of man“ in the Garden of Eden. Morals And Dogma presents it as: “the Jewish origin of the fall of man” (p. 376)] and point to him the means of returning thither. The great science acquired in the Mysteries was knowledge of man’s self.

By doing and suffering, by virtue and piety and good deeds, the soul was enabled at length to free itself….” (ibid. p. 4l7)

Being educated in things religious is a far cry from being endowed with the Spirit of God. This humanistic move- ment had in common that they were aware of, but not able to procure for themselves, the things of the Spirit; so they put all their combined effort into a super-human effort to create an environment in which they could attain a god-like

stance and make a foolish attempt to control the universe.

With a façade of “artificial” love (2. produced by hu- man skill or labor; (Winston Dict.) philanthropy (with other peoples money); and phoney piety; they have been able to create an atmosphere man has accepted as one that would be pleasing to God. It has placed a unnecessary burdens on men and blasphemed God. Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary: probably gives the truest insight into the nature of the enlighten- ment movement: “2 cap.: The term is specifically applied to a movement that flourished during the l8th century marked by a rejection of traditional, social, religious, and political ideas and an emphasis on rationalism… 3 Buddhism: a final blessed state marked by the absence of desire or suffering.” At the moment the reader may not realize the importance of the fact the “Encyclopedist” or “Enlightenment” movement is Buddhistic, but research bears this out. No matter how strange it might sound to you now let me assure you this is the ultimate in truth.

Brainwashing creates a society unaware; a people that must be led and directed through daily life, perhaps “zombie - a will-less human” is a fitting description. Note how Bud- dhist Monks walk about in a state of euphoria! Neither pain or joy registers with them.“ENLIGHTENMENT AGE OF… in America the movement was re- presented by the political concepts of the American Revolu

tion and the precepts of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Thomas Paine… The term {Enlightenment] is some- times extended to include the discoveries of the British physicist Sir. Isaac Newton and the theories [of thesis, antithesis, synthesis]; developed by the British philosopher John Locke.” (Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia vol. 9)

Encyclopeists, [is the] name given the writers of the l8th century French Encyclopedie, oou Dictionaire des Scien- ces, des arts, et des Meters [Crafts]… and the followers of their philosophy of enlightenment. This celebrated work… was edited chiefly by the French philosopher Denis Didrot in Paris between l751 and 1752, and voiced the advanced opin- ions of the time in philosophy, politics, and religion. Among the contributors to ’The Encyclopedia” were many of the great French writers of the day, including Montesquieu, Voltaire [renowned atheist], Jean Jacques Rousseau, and Baron Friedrich Melchior von Grim.”(2) Most, if not all, of whom were Gnostic.

Two of the tenets of Gnosticism that are common to Christianity, are freewill and moralism. These are the common denominators of all religious factions, including that of Freemasonry.

The Encyclopedia Britannica used the adjectives mad and misfit to describe Jean Jacques Rousseau: “Rousseau… was not original… he discovered nothing but merely gave passionate and eloquent expression to other men’s ideas.” (4) This in- dicates that Rousseau might not have been an intellectual but that perhaps he was used to absorb a portion of the blame for a very unpopular work of that day.

As late as the l8th century education was primarily reserved for the clergy and royalty. With the advent of the encyclopedia dictionary, it became necessary to educate the whole world in the ideas it conveyed if this cultural move- ment was going to gain mastery of the world through “thought control” science. Public education was not only introduced, but in time became mandatory in all civilized nations and the humanistic educational system of brainwashing became a reality. Then, and only then, was the Bible made available to the ordinary class of people.

In an effort to legitimatize his work Rousseau has been presented for history, through educational channels, as an intellectual whose works were to be studied and followed; “… this misfit… this vagabond…. Had taken up with … a ser- vant at the hotel where he was staying… had five children by her who were sent to a fondling hospital… [he was] by May l776 more than a little mad.” (Ency. Britannica)

This system of elevating men of questionable mind, and or, morals, is a great factor in deluding citizens of our Nation and those of other nations of the world today in un-paralled numbers; both as to the number raised to eminence and the number being deluded. Most community, national, and world, leaders of the day are not leaders at all; they merely carry out the wishes of the real and hidden leaders.

They are simply puppets whose strings are controlled by both threats and promises.The illusion of leadership ability, in men who are con- trolled followers, has been created by those who want you deceived by these dregs of society who are there to absorb the blame, as Rousseau was. They are used to further cultu- ral change through material or human formulas such as Natur- al Selection (survival of the fittest) and Dialectical Materialism (starting an action, to get a reaction, to arrive at a specific result). In most instance these men are vain, power hungery, and easily controlled through vanity: in others they are adherents of the moralist philosophy of Gnosticism and are knowingly abetting in bringing our econ- omy to the position of that of bare existence while they “dumb down” our children, through so-called “progressive education”, to adapt to an environment of designed control administered by an anti-God elite.

Natural Selection is a formula for selecting who will and who won’t survive in this man made environment. If you are one who can be molded to fit the environment decreed by the Illuminati (Enlightened Ones or Buddhas), where man reigns supreme, you will be allowed to survive and serve them until you are starved or worked to death.

When referring to the “theory of education” credited to Rousseau, the encyclopedia points out “his writings… led to more permissive and more psychologically oriented child care…. Affected the development of psychological literature, psychoanalytic theory, and philosophy of existentialism [man creates his own fate] of the 20th century, particularly in the insistence on free will… “(5) The “theory of education”, credited to Rousseau, is the one currently used to subdue the spiritual portion of child- ren, through human relations brainwashing. This psychological approach to education is the same as that of brainwash- ing in that it is: “’Coercive persuasion in the form of thought reform….’ That defination of brainwashing comes directly from its original source and was found on ’page 47 of Issue In training, a manual for group leaders published in l962 by the National Education Association (NEA)’” (6)

“Where did all this start and who is responsible?

The State of Connecticut was the incubator in which the National training Laboratories in Group Development [Human

Development] was born in l946, at a special meeting of the Connecticut Interracial Commission… the Connecticut staff of the National Conference of Christians and Jews; and the State Department of Education.  The purpose of the NTL? (National Training Laboratories)To study and implement that goal of a certain type of be- havioral science - human change and how to bring it about.

The NEA (National Education Association) also works with and obtains assistance from The National Institute for Mental Health, all of their programs being funded by private doners, foundations and government agencies.

What government agencies? … The Department of Health, Education, and Welfare [presently called, “The Department Of Human Services], From the National Institute for Mental Health [and] … U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity!

It could not be otherwise. For, John W. Gardner, [at that time] the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, was also the author of one of the definitive books on social and personal change: [SElf-Renewal The Individual and the Innovative Society]. In referring to morals, Garner says: ‘The one who must make the effort is the man who seeks to create a new moral order.’

But it is to a book of another of the original founders of the NTL, Ronald Lippitt… that we must turn for the most sinister development of all: the ’Change Agent‘. In this book The Dynamics of Planned Change… we see planned change defined as: ‘Change which derives from a purposeful decision to effect improvement in a personality or social system.”(7) If you are a believer in free will instead of god election, you are vulnerable to being subdued in mind and body by the Enlightenment Cultural Movement through pro- cesses they employ in Sensitivity Training, Group Dynamics, and Self-awareness.

If God made us, as he says he did in Psalm 100, verse 3, and takes care of us, as we are told he does in I Peter,

5:6,7. “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” If we instead, submit to man’s control of our life we must adapt to the environ- ment man wishes to create for us.

As an illustration as to how this adaptation process is alleged to work for man we must adopt the teachings of the elementary education course formerly proposed, MAN: A COURSE

OF STUDY. It suggests that in order to understand how adap- tation to the environment works for men, we must understand how it works for animals. For instance: since a quail is the color of it’s drab prairie environment it isn’t likely to attract the attention of the predator but if it was brightly colored it would not long survive the attention of the pred- ator. It, therefore, suggests that we would not long survive these human predators unless we are willing to evolve to fit the environment the Illuminati elite chooses to provide.

Carefully laying a world food plan, our keepers plan to provide food and shelter in scant quantities to insure sub- servience to those who are content to yield their soul to their keeping: the others may forage for their unattainable necessities and ultimately die. It happened in Russia, China and Czechoslovakia, and only God and the few conspirators at the top, know how many other places. This is political and religious economics. It can happen here. According to MORALS AND DOGMA: “To seek to subjugate the will of others and take the soul captive, because it is the exercise of the highest power seems to be the highest object of human ambition. It is at the bottom of all proselyte and propagandaism, from that of Mesmer to that of the Church of Rome and the French Republic. That was the apostolate alike of Joshua [Jesus] and of Mohomet.” (M&D p. 74)

(1) FUNK & WAGNALLS stand ref. Ency. Vol. 9 p. 3126.

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print (as above)

(8) JEROME BRUNER (Early Director) Pilot Edition: C. l968-


(formerly Educational Services Inc.) is a nonprofit cor-

poration sustained by grants from private foundations

and from the federal government. The Social Studies Cur-

riculum Program has been supported by the Ford Founda-

tion, The Carnegie Corporation of N.Y., the Sloan Ket-

tering Foundation, and the National Science Foundation,

Student and Curriculum Improvement section, Grant NO. GE


(The foregoing information was obtained from the inside of the Cover Page of Teachers Guide).



THE MOLTEN IMAGE “Science Of Reason”



“The religious faith of the occident, or western world; consists substantially of a synthesis of beliefs and doc- trines which had their origin in many lands and among var- ious peoples and which were combined and proclaimed in what we call the Gospel Jesus.” (Martin A. Larson, THE RELIGION OF THE OCCIDENT)

The basic premise of religious teaching is the philoso- phy of free will. Free will is a tenet of Humanism that is deeply infused into Christianity: displaying a form of God- liness, but denying the power thereof: (II Timothy 3:5) Free

will implies man has the power to accept or reject God, and in so doing makes it appear man has the superior power in such an instance. Humanists are humanists simply because God did not bestow His Spirit on them; they therefore feel they must convert others to their belief and make it the univer- sal religion. This religion appears in the guise of worship- ping God but denying His power.

Free will supports the doctrine of man using intellect, in a materialistic evolutionary struggle, for survival pol- itically, economically, and religiously. It also supports the moralist philosophy of man, through an evolving process, reaching a state of human perfection by personal desire and personal effort to attain goodness.

The two natures of the “man is supreme” humanist religion relate themselves to first: The materialistic or physi- cal, and second: to the idealistic or spiritual. The first nature requires the use of Newton’s physical law: “For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction“: to create a physical universe controlled by man. The spiritual portion of man must be satisfied and that has been divided into two Natures of the spirit, according to humanism, and they are good and evil. Humanism teaches, good will overcome evil, but they know the temptation to do evil is greater than the desire to do good so they had to provide an evolutionary answer to this problem and that was: “a process of contin- uous change from a lower, simpler, or worse to higher, more complex or better state.” (M. Larson)THE WINSTON SIMPLIFIED DICTIONARY, gives the following

Definition of the word religion: “…faith in and allegiance to a god or gods; 3. Any system of faith and worship; as , the religions of the Greeks, Hindus [Buddhism], and Moham- med; specifically. 4. … Christian faith and practice; effort by man to attain the goodness of God.” One called Jesus Good Master, and he said unto him, Why callest thou me good?81.There is none good but one, and that is God; (Matthew l9: 17) Therefore, man must have mercy from God. He can never attain goodness; and the harder he tries the greater will be his iniquity. Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us… (Titus 3:5a)In his desire to be acceptable to God man has been persuaded to try to imitate the figure presented as the perfect human that is part philosophy and part mythology: an image proclaimed to be the Jewish Messiah of a people: which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Sa- tan.: (Revelation 2:9, 3:9) I have never heard a sermon preached on these two verses.

The spirit that is of Satan (Heb. Adversary) is clearly defined in the Scriptures: Get thee behind me Satan; thou art an offence unto me; for thou savorest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.” (Matthew 16:23)This picture of Satan is a far cry from the demonic person- ality the occult religionists have attributed to Satan. In- stead the Satanic spirit, “simply shows a peference for the things of man, over and above the things of God“.

The very name Christianity (Christ, not being a name but rather a title) being the same word as Messiah except the one is Hebrew and the other Greek) indicates how ef- fectively the gnostic religion of, Humanism, has penetrated the minds of those who think they worship God but who in- stead have been misdirected to worship a christ (anointed one or messiah). As early as l871 Albert Pike (the man who gave us, MORALS AND DOGMA OF THE ANCIENT AND ACCEPTED SCOT- TISH RITE OF FREEMASONRY, and its antithesis: the Ku Klux Klan, and whose statue is cared for by the Park Service in Washington, D.C., wrote: “the Humanity of Christ… makes the mass of Christians worship Him [the “image“ of God II Corn. 4:4], far more than they do the Father.” (M&D p. 743) Even earlier than that the Bible records this phenomenon existed in the house of Israel: Then said he [the LORD GOD] unto me, Son of man, hast thou seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark: [having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart (Eph. 4:18)] every man in the chambers of his imagery… ?

And he brought me into the inner court of the LORD’S house, and behold at the door of the temple… were about five and twenty men [Elders of Israel] with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east [the rising sun and rising Son]. (Ezekiel 8:16) Easter is all the proof you need of this. Jesus taketh Peter, James, and John… And was trans- figured before them: and his face did shine as the sun… 83.(Matthew 17:2)

Jerome Bruner, Primary developer of the social studies Course, MAN: A COURSE OF STUDY, CLARIFIES THE MEANING OF HUMANNESS ON PAGE 6 OF THE NUMBER “one” teachers guide, of the Course: “We are revealing the fact that we regard humanness as something more than a biological inheritance. The quality we call humanness is a changing man made condition composed of an environment shaped to suit his needs, a society with common rules and expectations [as in commun- ism], and a spiritual community of mutually held values and beliefs. Humanness is… a continuous human invention.” (emphaasis added)Joseph Gaer, in WHAT THE GREAT RELIGIONS BELIEVE, 1ST PAGE ENTITLED, From Fear to Faith, SAYS: “Man’s religious quest began with fear of the unknown [the “man” to whom he refers is the humanist who does not have the comfort af-

forded those who have the Spirit of God, to guide them], which he tried to control through magic, totem, taboo. But as his knowledge increased, so did his religious maturity. Fear became faith, a faith that life has meaning and pur- pose.

Later - much, much later - this attempt to understand or reason out the principles or laws governing everything in nature was called the search for wisdom, or the law of wisdom, which in Greek is called Philosophy [Gnosis]. (p. 20)Yet there is a danger in accepting fear as the exclu- sive emotion responsible for the institution of religion. Fear - fear of the unknown or the unpredictable and, above all, the fear of death [this, ‘the fear of death’ is the driving force of the occult philosophy] had, and has, its part in the architecture of religion. But the dominate part in man’s creation and development of religion is the belief that life has purpose.” (p. 23)

Robert Welch, of the John Birch Society, presenting himself as a conservative patriot and gaining a following in that arena, acquaints us with his religious philosophy in the, THE BLUE BOOK, sometimes referred to as the bible of the John Birch Society:

“For look with me first at the common denominator of all our great religions. That man shall not steal… that man shall recognize and respect property rights, is common to them all. So is the injunction that man shall not murder nor harm his fellow man. So are concepts of kindness and charity and restraint to appetites, and industriousness, and respect for age… and reverence for a Power or Powers greater than man himself [all of these things the humanist professes but fails to possess for these things one must first seek the Kingdom of God, Ed.] (p. 39)But Gentlemen, please note, these are also exactly the characteristics with which evolutionary selection has grad- ually endowed man, to enable him to rise out of an animal existence, haltingly but surely towards a more humane civilization and a promise of tremendously more wonderful fut- ure. . In fact the word ’upward’ as we use it here, can be taken to ascribe and define those traits which, found in some species and not found in others, caused those favored species to outstrip their rivals, and to come upward through the evolutionary competition, until one such species became civilized man. One philosopher will tell you that the pos- session of these upward traits in some species was purely an accident of nature; another that it was due to the plan of a Divine Being. To me they are both saying the same thing. (p. l40)What I am concerned about… as the very essence of our problem, is morality, integrity, and purpose… (p. 135) But first let us ask what purpose? God’s or man’s? For I am staking my whole aspiration to play my part, in forwarding man‘s increasing purpose….” (p. 146, emphasis added)Religion, like History, is a product of Behavioral Science, designed, developed and controlled by the eighteenth, and nineteenth, and twentieth century Enlightenment of Illuminati Order, of Freemasonry. And what is this “purpose of life”? They state it clearly enough in MORALS AND DOGMA, p. 31:

“Influence of man over man is a law of nature… The mastery of mind over mind is the only conquest worth having.”

Behold, in this thou art not just: I will answer thee, that God is greater than man… That he may withdraw man from his purpose, and hide pride from man.” (Job. 33:12.17)


                                                                                             THE MOLTEN IMAGE “Science Of Reason”



By God’s grace and through His Spirit I find it not the least bit difficult to clearly comprehend the terms and in- tents, proclaimed to be intellecual, by Max I. Dimont: au- thor of “JEWS, GOD AND HISTORY”. I find the following state- ments in the Preface of this book to be vain in suggesting that the author considers himself in possession of a super- ior intellect. His contempt for God is not that difficult to comprehend. In part: “Written without bowing to orthodoxy or pandering to anti-intellectualism… It will furnish arguments, the data, the ideas, but the reader will have to furnish his intelli- gent understanding.” (p. IX par. 1)
Spiritual understanding tells me JEWS, GOD AND HISTORY, is the most sudacious, preumptive, piece of work ever writ- ten. While Dimont claims God for a Biblical connection for the modern day Jew, he also denies Him: claiming the Jews invented God. Dimont may be an intellectual but he isn’t to smart if he thinks you can have it both ways. He states on page 23:

“THE PORTABLE GOD - A depth survey of the Pagan Age, 88.which begins with a band of nomads known as Hebrews, who elbow their way into history, ‘invent’ an monopoly God….

And he continues on page 27 with: “The Jews elbowed their way into history late and inconspicuously. They went through no Stone or Bronze Age. The had no Iron age.

Jewish history dates from the day… when a man named Abraham [who we know only through God’s Word. If God was invented so was the Bible and if the Bible was invented so was Abraham, and if Abraham was invented so was the so-called Hebrew Nation; where does this “invention’ stop?]

had an encounter with God, known to him as Jehovah [this Hebrew name for God was invented as late as the 17th cen- tury]. The dialogue between Jew and God begins then. This continuing dialogue is the history of the Jews, with the rest of the world as interested eavesdroppers. (p. 27)

At this encounter between Abraham and God, it is God who proposes a covenant to the patriarch…. If Abraham will follow the commandments of God, then He, in His turn will make the descendants of Abraham His Chosen People and place them under His protection.

From a historical viewpoint {here Dimont overlooks the lineage point of view}, it makes no difference whether it was Araham who projected this experience onto an imaginary Jehovah or a real Jehovah who proposed it to Abraham. The Fact remains that after four thousand years the idea of a covenant with God has remained constant… Without it there can be no Judaism and no Jews. When this concept disappears… then nothing will stand between him [the Jew] and his final disappearance…. The methods whereby this wish [to be recog- nized as God’s chosen people] has been perpetuated have changed through the ages but the aim has not. Jewish history is a succession of ideas designated to perpetuate this aim. (ibid. p. 30, excerpts, emphasis added)

The religious way of writing history has become dis- credited in modern times. But it has been resurrected by a new genre [class] of writers known as ‘existential theolog-ians’ [existentialism, according to Dimont, is Jewish (see page 343)]….In the Jewish religious view of history, God has given man freedom of action [free will]. Man, as conceived by the Jewish existentialists, has the power to turn to God or away from God. He can act either for God or against God… In the Jewish way of looking at things, success in an undertaking, for instance, is not viewed as blessed by God. A man may arrive at power, because he was unscrupulous, not because God aided him. [The concept of free will appears to be Jew-

ish] The Jewish concept of man’s relation to God freed the Jews for independent [unscrupulous] action. Western [Christian] man, in fact, did not arrive at this idea of religious freedom until the reformation when Martin Luther rejected the Papacy and changed the man-God relationship to one ap- proximating that of the Jews. (Introduction to JEWS, GOD AND HISTORY p. 21)The Reformation during the l6th century, if you can believe encyclopedic accounts, dates back to St Augustine, who supposedly lived between the years 354 and 430. “Cath- olic and Protestant theology alike are largely based on their more purely theological [God as viewed through logic] aspects. The French John Calvin and the German Martin Luther, leaders of the Reformation were both close students of Augustine.

As a writer… His [Augustine’s] best-known work is his autobiographical Confessions about (400)…. His other writ- ings include… treatises On Free Will (388-95), On Christian Doctrine (397), On Baptism… (400), On the Trinity (400-16)…”

(Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia vol. 2, p. 443,444)

Next to the monk Martin Luther, John Calvin, was the major figure in the Reformation: Calvin was born, Jean Chau- vin (1509-64), French theologian and religious reformer… his father sent him to study law at the University of Orleans… after his fathers death in l531, however, he returned to Paris to study classics and Hebrew. At that time he became interested in the principles of the Reformation… he began preaching Reformation doctrine in Paris….” (F&W vol. 5)Along with the German Luther, and French Calvin, we have John Knox, (1505-72) “Scottish religious reformer… originally a Roman Catholic priest, Knox became attracted to the preachings of the Scottish Protestant reformer George Wishart. Knox was called to the Protestant ministry… [in 1553 Knox went to Switzerland, where he met reformer John Calvin]”. (F&W vol. 14)

Another prominent reformer was the Swiss, Ulrich Zwingli, (l484-1531) During his formative years Zwingli was deeply influenced by the spirit of liberal humanism.

Zurich [Switzerland] was a center of humanist belief… Zwingli quickly attracted large audiences to the cathedral by expounding the original Greek and Hebrew Scriptures….Under the Reformation, Zurich became a theocracy ruled by Zwingli and a Christian Magistrate.” (F&W vol. 25)

There were others in the “Reformation movement” (I repeat; if you can believe encyclopedic history concerning any of this!) with these leaders but this will suffice to make the point! It was, apparently, a well organized political and religious movement and not something properly attributed to Martin Luther as primary instigator. Mix I Dimont, writes of intelledtual international intrigue that I find to be a part of the anti-God conspir- acy. History and encyclopedia, intelledtual devices, also attest to it. Dimont Writes;

“Contrary to popular opinion, revolutions are not started by the oppressed masses, nor are they overnight phenomena. They are generated by intellectuals who come from the bourgeoisie or the aristocracy.

Before a successful revolution can deliver its promised state, it must undergo three stages of gestation, each in charge of a set of specialists whom we shall call ’intel- lectuals’, ’politicals’, and’ bureaucrats.’ First come the intellectuals, who question existing institutions, point out their inefficiencies, and draw blueprints for a new society. The intellectuals behind the French Revolution were such men as Voltaire, Rousseau, Montesquieu [Encyclopedists and men of the Enlightenment]…. The ideas which inseminated the American Revolution belonged to a quartet of English philosophers - Locke, Hobbs, Bacon, Burke [many years of research has convinced me it was British, Celtic, Aryan, interests, calling themselves Jews, the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, or British Israel, behind these Revolutions. America was estab- lished with Masonic leadership by such interests with the intentions of using America as a springboard to the New World Order. They did call America “The New World”].

The ideas of the intellectuals slowly germinate in the minds of other men, giving birth to the politicals, whose function is to carry the new [Zioniat] gospel to the people… and established the new state…. In due course, the politic- als in France, America, and Russia seized the revolutionary ideas of their respective mentors and fomented their revolu- tions - Robespierre, Danton, and Marat in France; Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, and Franklin in America; Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin in Russia…. The task of the bureau- crats, who sooner or later must supplant the politicals to insure the success of the revolution, is to restore tranquility and to institutionalize the radical new ideas into a normal way of life. ” (Dimont p. 391,392)“Benjamin Franklin, John Adams… and Thomas Jefferson, ardent Illuminists, proposed the above [the Insigni of the Order of Illuminati] as the reverse of the [Great Seal of the United States, you can see the Illuminati Insignia on the back of every United States dollar bill, as the reverse side of the Seal, but it doesn’t look like it was intended to be on the “reverse” but the ”obverse” for under the Pyramid and the All Seeing Eye of Masonry, and the Insignia of the Illuminati we read “THE GREAT SEAL” while the other side says “OF THE UNITED STATES”. Draw your own conclusion]

… to Congress, which adopted it on June 10, l782.…” (William94.Guy Carr, PAWNS In The Game p. XIII of the Introduction)

The Haskala… born in the West [Western Europe], child of the German Enlightenment, and reared in the East, ward of the Jewish Intellectuals, the Haskala was Jewish Humanism painted over Western enlightenment [Christianity]. (Dimont p. 353)

The Zionist Revolution, just like the French, American, and Russian revolutions began with the work of [Jewish] in- tellectuals. The Haskala Zionists were the revolutionary intellectuals… who outlined the idealistic blueprint for a new state. Next, the motivators went to work, diverting waves of European [Jewish] emigrants to Palestine. They, in turn, were followed by the politicals who spread the new gospel of Zionism among the Jews. After they had established the new state of Israel, the bureaucrats, following historic Precedents, took over. (Dimont p. 391 emphasis added)Anti-Semitism became based more on economic, racial and national consideration than religion after the publication of a pamphlet: JEWRY’S TRIUMPH OVER GERMANISM by a Hamburg journalist in l873. “This book attributed to international Jewry a sever economic depression that followed three years of German triumph over France.” (1) With this historical perspective we gain some understanding of anti-Semitism as it appears to be political while the Jews have touted it, to their advantage, as being religious; with the implication that to be anti-semitic, which they perceive as being anti- Jew, is synonymous with being anti-God or even criminal, to them.

Theodor Herzl, (1860-1904) was a Jew born in Hungary and educated in Vienna, Austria. Declared to be the “Father” of Zionism he is spoken of in THE WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA, as follows: “… Herzl got the idea of gathering the scattered Jews into a country and a nation of their own. His motives were economic rather than racial or religious….(2)In l882, the first group of Jews from Europe came to settle in Palestine. That was the start of the Zionist pio- neering movement that led to the creation of the State of Israel.”(3) “The present size of the Jewish population is almost entirely a result of immigration which occurred in a series of grate waves… following the beginning of a Jewish nation- alist movement in central and E. Europe; form about l905 to l925, mainly composed of European youth and socialists who founded many of the communal settlements; from about l932 to l939, chiefly refugees from Nazi persecution….(4)

BALFOUR DECLARATION, letter prepared in March, l916, and issued in November, l917... By the English statesman Arthur James Balfour… The letter was a statement of Great Britain’s sentiments and intentions with respect to Pales- tine (now Israel). Specifically it expressed the British government’s ‘sympathy’ with Jewish Zionist aspirations’, and its favorable attitude toward ‘the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people’….

In l922 the Declaration was embodied in the League of Nations mandate for Palestine, which set forth terms under which Great Britain was entrusted with the temporary admin- istration of the country in behalf of the Jewish people.”(5) “In May, l948, the British mandate over Palestine came to an end the Zionists in Palestine proclaimed the new State Of Israel“ (6). Eleven minutes later President Harry Solomon Truman, recognized the new state of Israel. To this day the United States sends billions of dollars to Israel in arma- ments and American Tax payers dollars, to support the State of Israel.


(2) THE WORLD BOOK ENCYLOPEDIA vol. H 8 p. 3407 © l967(3) THE WORLD BOOK VOL. P. 15 p. 86, Col. 1






THE MOLTEN IMAGE “Science Of Reason”



In THE DENVR POST - RELIGION - NEWS WEEKLY of Friday, April 6, l975, the following article by Virginia Culver, appeared under the title: “PROFESSOR RELATES PROBLEMS OF ISRAEL”, with the subtitle: “NO HOLY LAND”, The article appeared nearly a year after my study, THE “INTELLECTUAL” was written. I felt the article supported my conclusions. Under a picture of Dr. Uriel Simon, who Ms culver quotes, was the caption, “I HAVE THE LUXURY OF BEING INTELLECTUAL“:

“Dr. Uriel Simon is trying to dispel the myths people believe about Israel….

‘We have Jews from all over the world who have been affected by their different cultures and values. A Moroccan Jew is as different from and English Jew as a Morocan is different from an Englishman,’ he said.

There is also ‘the clash between the religious and non-religious in Israel.’ He estimated that only 30 to40 percent of Jews there are actually religious… Golda Meir [Israel’s prime minister at the time], is not religious’, he said.

‘Everybody expects Israel to be a holy land and religious, but it’s not so.’ he said. Secularization has been a major factor in Jewish history for the past 200 years [I find the Russian KHAZAR MONGOLS have existed as the “Jewish Nation”, for less than 300 years Ed.].’

On the second page of this ”Religious Section” of the same issue of THE DENVER POST, Rabbi Stanley W. Wagner explains: “Secularization… comes from the world being man-centered rather than God centered’ [this gives me cause to recall a Scripture: … Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savorest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men. (Matthew 16:23)].”

“‘Our history didn’t change and our religion didn’t change. But when we gained emancipation we re-entered history with Zionism he said.’ [Zionism is an ism totally political in nature, totally oppressive, and totally God- less. It has the same political philosophy as Communism. In fact, it is Communism disguised as something quite diffe- rent, even something religious, having an appearance of God- liness but denying the power of God in deference to man and worshipping the human as in Oriental Hinduism (Buddhism or Humanism) something the Kahazars brought with them from Asia to Eastern and Western Europe. “The ethnology of the Khzxars was complicated by racial mixture and dispersion; most au- thorities classiby them as Turkish… In the 7th century their Khazan, or Sovereign, embraced Judaism.” (1)

Many immigrants to Israel put aside their religion, saying ’it has nothing to say for modern man’ and the prob- lems of the new country.

It was at this time that many Israelis became socialist [communist]…

‘Tourists shouldn’t expect an Israeli to go out of his way to help when they meet on the street.’ Dr. Simon said many Americans who moved to Israel have returned to the Un- ited States because of adjustment problems.

His Denver visit was sponsored by the American Zionist Youth Foundation.” (Virginia Culver)

(1) Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia vol. 14, p. 386


THE MOLTEN IMAGE “Science Of Reason”


WHAT IS “Mysticism”Mysticism is as now deceased, Randall N. Baer, said in: INSIDE THE NEW AGE NIGHTMARE, “Spiritual Humanism”. Baer, rightly says: “The New Age man, believing himself to be divinely perfect and ultimately all-powerful, sets himself up on a cosmic [extra-terrestrial] throne. This highly tou- ted god-man claims to have inherently unlimited powers to command and manipulate the universe according to his sover- eign will. Man is elevated to divinity, deity, and sover- eignty - the essence of blasphemy of New Age spiritual hu- manism that seeks to exalt sinful man to godhood….” (p. 84)On December 15, l989, THE DAILY OKLAHOMAN carried a press release (Reuter), wherein the Vatican, with the Pope’s foreknowledge and apparent blessing, speaks of “genuine Christian mysticism’ [which is Spiritual Humanism or Bud- dhism] as well as “Christian meditation“. “MYSTICISM: The characteristic attributes of the mys- tical experience are self-transcendence identification with the supreme power of the universe, and a consequent feeling of exaltation or ecstasy. [‘When a man, absolutely disengaging himself from his senses, absorbs himself in self-contemplation, he comes to discern the Divinity, and becomes part of Him.” (Morals & Dogma p. 610)]….

Non-Christian Mysticism. Elaborate philosophical theories have been developed in an attempt to explain the phenomena of mysticism. Thus in Hindu philosophy…. the self or Atman (soul) in man is identified with [brahman] the supreme self [soul] of the universe. The apparent separateness and individuality of being [of man and brahman, the supreme self]… are held to be an illusion… of thought and feeling. This Illusion [of separateness] can be dispelled through the realization of the essential oneness of Atman [the human soul] and brahman [supreme Self of the universe]… a mystical state of liberation… is attained. The Hindu philosophy of Yoga incorporates perhaps the most complete and rigorous discipline ever designed to transcend the sense of personal identity and to induce an experience of union with the su- preme self [Humanisms‘ Deity]. A late Greek movement, Neoplatonism was grounded in mysticism both as a philosophy and as a religion.Christian Mysticism…. Christian mysticism as a system is derived from Neoplatonism….” (Funk & Wagnalls vol. 17)

“Neoplatonism 1: …. oriental conceptions of the world as an emanation [ray or beam, as of the sun] from an ulti- mate individual being with whom the soul is capable of being reunited in trance or estasy” (Webster’s Ninth New Colleg- iate Dict.)

BRAHMANISM, aspect of Hinduism comprising the relig- ious and philosophical doctrines and practices of the Brah- man caste. The sacred texts known as the Veda and the eso- teric treatises called the Upanishads form the principal basis of Brahmanism [a state of mind]. As a refinement of the early merger of Vedic religious concepts of the Aryan

Invaders of India with those of the existing Dravidian [‘name applied to the short dark people indigenous to the southern part of the Indian Peninsula prior to the advent of the Aryans (F&W vol. 8)] cults, Brahmanism is characterized by pantheism [equating God with the power of the universe], by the conception of final emancipation [from fear of the True God and the death he can impose on them] (that is reunion with the Brahman…” (F&W vol.4)

INDIA: Mystical Systems. - It would be beyond the scope of such a work as this to undertake to provide any account of the several religious systems of India, as we must confine ourselves to a description of mysticism and demonology which cluster round these systems….” (Lewis Spence, AN ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF OCCULTISM) UPANISHADS, lofty, broadly speculative portion of the

Vedas, the most ancient scriptures of Hinduism. The Upanishads… serve as the basis of one of the six orthodox sys- tems of Hindu philosophy.” (F&W vol. 24)

IN the Ancient Orient, all religion was more or less a mystery and there was no divorce from it of philosophy [du- alism, the doctrine of contraries or opposing forces]….

Thus the knowledge now imparted by books and letters, was of old conveyed by symbols…. Masonry, successor of the Mysteries, still follows the ancient manner of teaching [symbolism]. Her ceremonies are like the ancient mystic shows…. Her symbols are the instruction she gives [in self perfection]. After leaving Egypt the [oriental] Mysteries were modified by the habits of the different nations among which they were introduced, and especially by the religious systems of the countries into which they were transplanted. To maintain the established government, laws, and religion, was the obligation of the [Masonic] Initiate everywhere: and everywhere they were the heritage of the priests who were nowhere willing to make the common people co-proprietors with themselves of philosophical truth [Gnosticism, good verses evil].” (Morals And Dogma p. 22:23 emphasis added)

In the Middle Ages mysticism was often associated with Monasticism… mysticism [‘Spiritual Humanism‘ or Buddhism] may have contributed to the origin of the Reformation…. Mys- ticism finds expression in the theology of many Protestant denominations and is a salient characteristic of such sects as the Anabaptist and the Quakers. (F&W vol.17) MODERN MYSTICS. A great revival of interest arose in both Christian and non-Christian mysticism in the 20th cen- tury… The mystical [Spiritual Humanism] strain in Judaism, never lacking, which received particular emphasis in the writings of the Cabalists… and in the movement of the (Jew- ish) Hasidim of the l8th century….”(F&W vol. 17)

GREAT WHITE LODGE: The Hierarchy of Adepts or Elder Brothers [of Aryanism] which, according to occultist teach- ings, is the true, inner government of the world.” (Diction- ary Of MYSTICISM, Ed. By Grank Gaynor, p. 73)

Great White Brotherhood: In general occult terminol- ogy, [is] a synonym for Great White Lodge. In the terminol- ogy of the [Freemasonic] Rosicrucians, the Great White Brotherhood is ’the school or Fraternity of the Great White Lodge and into this invisible Brotherhood of visible members every true student of the Path [Of The Birds On High:- ‘a symbol of the way of the SELF upward {to perfection through reincarnation, or step by step through seven steps Ed.} … The growth to perfection in the mind.’ (G.A. Gaskell, Dic- tionary Of All Scriptures and Myths)] prepares for admis- sion.’” (Rosicrucian manuel)

“Path, The: Is a term which represents an important theosophical teaching [theosophy 1: teaching about God and the world based on mystical insight (Webster’s emph. add.)]

And it is used in different senses to denote not only the Path itself but also the Probationary Path along which a man must journey before he can enter the former… At his entrance on the Probationary Path, he becomes the chela or disciple of one of the Masters or Perfected men who have all finished the great journey.” (Lewis Spence, AN ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF OC- CULTISM)“The Path of the Elders [of Buddhism] has been preserved in India, Burma…, Thailand, and Sri Lanka, and it has become one of the most popular Buddhist schools in the mod- ern Western world. The primary meditation practices of the Elders’ tradition are often referred to as ‘insight’ …and most of them are based on the development of the mental fa- culty known as mindfulness.

This book is dedicated to the perennial goals of Bud- dhism, which are to foster self-awareness and compassion…

In short, to evolve. As Buddhist scholar Robert A.F. Thurman has said, ’Buddhism is an evolutionary sport.’ This book is an invitation to play that game, and to the increase of wis- dom, peace, and happiness that it can offer. (BUDDHA’S NA- TURE A practical guide to Enlightenment through Evolution, By WES NISKER, p.5)

Strange as it sounds, we often do not really feel how our mind-states make us feel. Exercises in both the Tibetan and Buddhist Elders’ traditions are designed to teach medi- ators how to hold on to difficult mind-states….

In practice known as Chod, for instance, Tibetan tan- tric Buddhists engage the imagination as a way to enter ful- ly into a difficult feeling.As one teacher of Tibetan Buddhism… told me in conver- sation, ‘We usually don’t feed our demons well enough be- cause we don’t like those [evil] parts of ourselves. In Chod practice, however… we nurture the demon until the dualistic battle [of good verses evil] between ourselves and the demon disappears [in unity].’

Similarly, teachers in the Path of the Elders often encourages mediators to exaggerate their feelings…. Some

kind of triumph emerges from the struggle. As I let the restlessness grow monstrous, it also begins to take on its own life. It is no longer ’me’ or ’mine,’ but primal agition living through me….

Most schools of Buddhism have methods of transforming how we feel at any given moment. The tools or ’skillful means’ always involve mindfulness, often with the help of imagination and visualization…..” (ibid. p. 153,54)


THE MOLTEN IMAGE “Science Of Reason”



Minds have been captured by God’s enemies through the stroking of sensibilities with the Masonic terms Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Justice, Religion, Christ, Peace, and Democracy. Our thought processes have been “scientifically” anesthetized through psychological sorcery. We have been impaled upon a fence of lies that has kept the truth fenced in so man could not reach it nor could it reach out to pen- etrate minds that have been closed by false precepts con- cerning almost everything in political;, economic, and re- ligious life. The culprit that makes this possible can only be explained as “cognitive dissonance’. The best description I have of the term is in the words of Bob Livingston:

Conventional Wisdom is based on confusion and disin- formation. It has a crowding out effect in our thought pro- cesses, and inquiry is stifled. In other words conventional wisdom programs us to reject any information or thought not in harmony with our preconditioning and experience. It is called cognitive dissonance”

Being an American who has been carefully schooled to place confidence in our representative form of government as one superior to all others, it took the grace of God to pen- etrate that conviction. God has a better way. By His grace I have found several sources that make it possible to bring the truth into focus.

Liberty or freedom, to the “Enlightened Ones” or “Il- luminati” whose “enlightenment” was that there is no God and that man is therefore supreme, mean something quite differ- ent, semantically and scientifically, than we have been schooled to believe it means. To the Occult it means freedom from God and His Sovereign power. The Illuminated ones or Buddha’s [“Skt enlightened a person who has attained Budda- hood:” “enlighten 1. archaic: ILLUMINATE“, Webster‘s)].

These, the Buddha’s or Enlightened ones, spend every waking hour testing this independence they call free will. To deceive Christians they claim “free will” was granted man by God; a God they don’t even believe in.

MORALS AND DOGMA OF THE ANCIENT AND ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITE OF FREEMASONRY, was prepared by Albert Pike, who, at the time, lived in of Little Rock, Arkansas. It, “Morals & Dogma“, was “Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year l871“. Pike was also credited with having established the Ku Klux Klan, as a right wing antithesis, to the liberal left wing thesis; along with its, the KKK’s ability to div- ide the races for the purpose of conquering all. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis is the “science” and the whole game.

Quoting Pike: “You will hear shortly of the Rough ASH- LAR and the perfect ASHLAR, as part of the Jewels of the Lodge….

The rough Ashlar is said to be ‘a stone, as taken from the quarry, in its rude and natural state.’ The perfect Ash- lar is said to be ‘a [cubical] stone made ready by the hands of the workmen, to be adjusted by the working-tools of the Fellow-Craft’.

The rough Ashlar is the PEOPLE, as a mass, rude and un- organized. The perfect Ashlars, or cubical stone, symbol of perfection, is the STATE, the rulers deriving their powers from the consent of the governed; the constitution and laws speaking the will of the people; the government harmonious… its powers properly distributed and duly adjusted in equil- ibrium [between the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary - in Unity, all speaking with one voice].

If we delineate a cube on a plane surface thus: we have visible three faces…. And of the State itself the three visible faces represent the three departments, - the Executive, which executes the laws; the Legislative, which makes the laws; and the Judiciary, which interprets the laws, applies and enforces them, between man and man, between the State and the citizens. The three invisible faces, are Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity…. (M&D excerpts p. 1-6) .

-Of that Equilibrium between Authority and Individual action which constitutes Free Government, by settling on immutable foundations Liberty with obedience to law, Equality with Subjection to Authority, and Fraternity with subordination to the Wisest and the Best. (M&D p. 860)

The force of the people, or the popular will [which is the exploited force of the people, Ed.] in action and exer-ted… regulated and guided by and acting within the limits of LAW and ORDER… has for its fruit LIBERTY, EQUALITY, and FRA- TERNITY, -liberty regulated by law, equality of rights in the eye of the law; brotherhood (fraternity) with its duties and obligations…. (M&D p. 5)

Produced by FORCE [The blind Force of the people is a Force that must be economized, and also managed, … It must be regulated by Intellect….(ibid. p. 1)] It is the force of the people that sustains all these despotisms, the basest as well as the best. That force acts through armies; and these oftener enslave than liberate. Despotism there applies the RULE [of law]…. Passive obedience by force supports thrones and oligarchies… and so Humanity wages war against Humanity, in despite of Humanity. So a people willingly submits to despotism, and workmen submit to be despised, and its sol- diers to be whipped; therefore it is that battles lost by a nation are often progress attained.” (M&D p 3)

Tyrants use the force of the people to chain and sub- jugate - that is, enyoke the people. Then they plough with them as men do with oxen yoked. (M&D p. 3)

You never see mention of the fact the Judiciary is not independent of the Executive branch. It is appointed by the Executive branch with consent of Congress, which gives it the appearance of being independent, which it is not. “The Supreme Court… is a veritable aristocracy of the robe, func- tioning as a super-legislature, yet neither chosen by the people nor politically responsible to them… policy-making by officials who are not popularly elected is undemocratic… therefore judicial review is undemocratic’”

(Sorry, I can’t locate the source of this quote Ed.)

And the LORD said unto me, A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem. (Jeremiah 11:9)

“The Templars, whose history is so imperfectly known, were those terrible conspirators. (M&D p. 815)

’The Templars, like all other Secret Orders and Asso- ciations, had two doctrines one concealed and reserved for the Masters, which was Johannism; the other public, which was the Roman Catholic….’ (M&D 817)

’To acquire influence and wealth, then to intrigue, and at need to fight, to establish the Johannite or Gnostic and Kabalistic dogma were the object and means proposed to the initiated Brethern… We shall constitute the equilibrium [Unity] of the Universe, and be rulers over the Masters of the World.

’The successors of the Ancient Adepts Rose-Croix [Red Cross]… became a Mystic Sect, united with many of the Tem- plars, the dogmas of the two intermingling, and believed themselves to be the sole depositaries of the secrets of the Gospel of St. John, seeing in its recitals an allegorical series of rites proper to complete the initiation.

The Rose-Croix adepts respected the dominant, hierarch- ical, and revealed religion [the Kabbalah and Talmud]. Con-

sequently they could no more be the enemies of the Papacy than a legitimate Monarchy; and if they conspired against the Popes and Kings, it was because they considered them personally as apostates from duty and supreme favorers of anarchy.

What, in fact, is a despot, spiritual or temporal, but a crowned anarchist?

The Epic of Dante [THE INFERNO Dante’s immortal drama of a journey through hell] is Johannite and Gnostic, and audacious application… of the Kabalah to the Christian dogmas, and a secret negation of everything absolute in these dogmas. (M&D p. 822)

There existed at that period in the East a Sect of Johannite Christians, who claimed to be the only true In- itiates into the real mysteries of the religion of the Sav- iour. They pretended to know the real history of YESUS [Jes- us] the ANOINTED, and, adopting in part the Jewish tradi- tions and the tales of the Talmud, they held that the facts recounted in the Evangels are but allegories. (M&D p. 816)

’[The Order disappeared at once… Nevertheless it lived, under other names (Rosicrucian, Illuminati, Templar etc. Ed)

governed by unknown Chiefs, revealing itself only to those who… had proven themselves worthy to be entrusted with the dangerous Secret.] (M&D p. 821) The Apocalypse [what they call the last book of the Bible instead of “The Revelation.”] completes the demon- stration, and shows the Kabalistic meanings of the whole.

The Symbola Architectonica are found on the most ancient edifices; and these mathematical figures and instruments, adopted by the Templars, and identical with those on the gnostic seals and abraxae [similar to what Dante expresses of the soul passing through the lower worlds], connect their dogma with the Chaldaic, Syriac, and Egyptian oriental philosophy. The secret Pythagorean doctrines of numbers where preserved by the [Buddhist] monks of Tibet, by the Hierophants [men of intellect, and well understanding the disposition of the people and the art of controlling them (M&D p. 383)] Egypt and Eleusis, at Jerusalem, and in the circular Chapters of the Druids; and they are especially consecrated in that mysterious book, the Apocalypse of St John [The Revelation].” (M&D p. 235)

The above paragraph combines Cabalism, Masonry, Gnos- ticism, Caldaic (Persian), Syrian, Egyptian oriental philo- sophy, Buddhism, Judaism [precursor of Christianity and Islam], and Druidism; in a single occult philosophy. And we learn each of these is part of the Science of the Templar, Rosicrucian, Illuminati Order of Freemasonry.

The word “Science”, in reference to the “Science of Human Regeneration”, is referred to 25 times in the DIGEST


“Science [Gnosticism]… struggles to remove God’s Prov- idence to a distance from us and the material Universe, and to substitute for its supervision and care the and constant overseeing, what it calls Force - Forces of Nature - Forces of Matter. (M&D p.809)

“Science substitutes Forces [of the people] for God’s supervision of the Universe.” (DIGEST p. 165)

“This force was known to the ancients. It is a univer- sal agent whose Supreme law is equilibrium [harmonizing of apparent opposites in Unity, thereby eliminating all oppo- sition]: and whereby, if science can but learn how to con- trol it… to send a thought in an instant round the world to heal or slay at a distance to give our words universal suc- cess, and to make them reverberate everywhere.

There is… a universal agent, wherein are two natures and a double current [thesis, antithesis] of love and wrath …. It is the body of the Holy Spirit, the universal agent, the Serpent devouring his own tail [closing the circle]. (M&D p. 734)

There is a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy that has reached into virtually every life on the planet; a conspiracy that acts on the Dialectical Materialism philosophy of starting an action, and creating a reaction, to bring about equilibrium whereby they intend to control all governments and peoples, collectively and individually through politics, economics, and religion, in an effort to replace God.

The American Revolution was not a spontaneous “taxation without representation” rebellion, we were educated to ac- cept it as. Nor was it an original government that we formed after the “thesis” (tax on tea), responded too by the “anti- thesis”, (Boston Tea Party). Certain men of the Illuminati had a hand in basing our “Declaration Of Independence” and “Constitution” on elements of other actions and governments the Illuminati had already “scientifically” put in place. It was all a conscious part of the conspiracy to destroy faith and trust in Almighty God, and elevate the elite of the oc- cult philosophy to a place of supremacy equal to or superior to that of God. At least six of our first seven presidents were Masons.

They were: George Washington (Mason), John Adams (Illumin ati), Thomas Jefferson (Illuminati), James Madison (Mason), James Monroe (Mason), and Andrew Jackson (Mason).

The writing of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE was submitted to a committee comprised of Thomas Jefferson (Illumin ati), Benjamin Franklin (Illuminati), John Adams (Illumina ti), Roge Sherman, and Robgert R. Livingston. Jefferson, prepared the draft and it was submitted to congress July 4, l776. The “Delcaration” begins: “When in the course of human events” and contains in the same sentence the words: “to assume among the powers of the earth, to which the Laws of Nature and of Natures God entitles them….”

“Mythology is sometimes referred to as a ’natural’ re- ligion…. Notice how… the outstanding factors in man’s life - earth, moon, harvest, love, marriage, sun, war, death, know- ledge, etc. - are each represented by a god or goddess. These were the things common or ’natural,’ to all men” (Re-Legions of the World, Gerald L. Berry, p. 23)

THE UNANIMOUS DECLARATION OF THE THIRTEEN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, was not even submitted to the TRUE God, but too “Nature’s God“. It was, in fact, merely another episode in the humanoid war against the Sovereignty of the true God.

“’During the l8th Century the glorious line of the en- cyclopaedists found in our [Masonic} temples a fervent audi- ence, which alone at that period, invoked the radiant motto, still known to the people of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.’ The revolutionary seed germinated rapidly in that select company. Our illustrious brother masons, d’Alembert, Dide- rot, Helvetius d’Holbach, Voltaire and Condorcet [creators of the encyclopedia] completed the evolution of the people’s minds and prepared the way for a new age. And when the Bas- tille fell [at the outbreak of the French revolution] Free- masonry had the supreme honour to present to humanity the charter [this suggests the Magna Charta, said to be a docu-

ment of British liberty and supposedly having existed since about 1213, yet! It appears here to have been created by the Masons about the time of the French Revolution. Of course our encyclopedists were at liberty to put in the encyclope- dia what they chose. The Masonic Lodge was formed in London, England in l7l7 and the encyclopedia was written between l751-l772. Our revolution started in l776 and the French Revolution dates form l789]….”

It was our brother mason, [Marquis de] Lafayette [who came to the aid of Mason, George Washington, during the American Revolution with, French money, and weakened France in the execution of their own revolution], Who was the first to bring forward the proposal for a ’declaration of the natural rights of man and of the citizen living in society,’

In order to make it the first chapter of the [French] cons- titution.

’On 25th August, l798, the Constituent Assembly, of which more than 300 members were Masons, finally adopted, almost word for word, such as it had for long been elabo- rated in the Lodges, the text of the ’Immortal Declaration of the rights of man… etc., etc.’” (Arnold Leese, M.R.C.V. S., FREEMASONRY p. 19)

The “Immortal Declaration of the rights of man“, became part of the United States Constitution as “THE BILL OF RIGHTS:” the first ten Amendments ratified by the States. This “Immortal Declaration of the rights of man,” was des- tined to appear again in l948 as the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, which was adopted in resolution form by the general Assembly of the United Nations, The U.N. will house an administrative regional ONE WORLD under occult Judaism form of government.

The Age of Enlightenment encompassed a period of time in the last half of the l8th century. According to Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia, it was: “ a designation for a period of great intellectual awareness and activity, char- acterized by a questioning authority, a creative interest in political and cultural matters and emphasis on the experi- mental method of science… In America the cultural movement’ is represented by the political concepts of the American Revolution and the precepts of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Thomas Paine….” (vol. 9)

“Most of the colonial propagandists -Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, John Adams, John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin - had been to England and France and had thus absorbed the new Rationalist Idea which had triumphed in English society, and was conquering the French State and culture. The Colonials adopted the French form of the rationalist doctrines, demanding “The Rights of Man,’ rather than the rights of Americans. (Ulick Varange {Francis Parker Yockey), IMERIUM P.446)

America began its independent political existence as a creature of rationalism… The religion of rationalism [Gnosticism] dominated America in a way that it was never able to dominate Europe… as the rationalistic religion of America came from England, through France.” (Ibid. p.396)

:they meant by rational that they were capable of comprehending the moral order of the Universe and their place in this moral order…. From this conception of the unity [harmonizing of opposites] of mankind in a rational order the Western World has derived its conception of law, which is that all men and all Communities of men and all authority among men are subject to law…. From this concept of law was derived the idea of constitutional Government and the consent of the governed and of civil liberty. Upon this Concept of Law our own institutions were founded. [This ex-Plains why the Scripture tell us: “the strength of sin is the law:. (I Corinthians 15:56b)

“The historic fact is that the institutions we cherish are a product of a culture which Gibson put it, ’Is essentially the culture of Greece… transfused by the Fathers of the church with the religious teachings of Christianity.” (Walter Lippmann, Education-VS-Western Civilization or Edu- cation Without Culture).

“In the birth of America the ’People’ ’Ordained’ and ’Established’ a Christian nation, adopting the Christian common law as the supreme law of the Land. The system of law and jurisprudence which they adopted was the common law of England….

The common law of England, in its purest and earliest form, was Germanic and Celtic [Druidic] in origin… It appears over and over again in the records and traditions of all the Aryan white nations…. The founding fathers of the American Republic referred to it as ’the law of nature and nature’s God.’ The phrase is lifted directly from the ’Lex Salica’, the common law of the German tribes that over ran Europe as well as Scandinavia and eventually settled in large portions of what was then Britain, later it became England.

Both Franklin and Jefferson stated that the substantive principles of representative government upon which the American Constitution was founded were taken from two sources. The first was the system of constitutional government prac- ticed by ancient Israel under the leadership of first, Moses, and later Joshua (Jesus).

The second source was the institutes of government of the Anglo-Saxons which were virtually identical to those of the ancient Israelites.

Jefferson’s historical studies brought him to the conclusion that ancient Israel was the first nation in history to have a representative government; he also dis- covered that l500 years later the Anglo Saxons were living under a system which was almost identical.

Jefferson wrote extensively at the time about the need for a renaissance of Anglo-Saxon primitive institutions on the new continent. He considered the American Revolution as nothing but the reclamation of the Anglo-Saxon birthright of which the colonists had be deprived by ’a long train of abuses’. On August 13, l776, Jefferson wrote to Edmund Pendleton:

’Has not every restitution of the ancient Saxon laws had happy effects? Is it not better now that we return at once into that happy system of our ancestors, The wisest and most perfect ever yet devised by the wit of man, (Julian p. Boyd, Ed. The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson).

Jefferson even studied the language of the Anglo-Saxons so that he might read their laws in the original tongue. In a letter to his old tutor, George Wythe… Jef- ferson wrote that:

… the extracts from the Anglo-Saxon law, the sources of the common law, I wrote in the original for my own sat- isfaction; but I have added Latin or liberal English trans- lations. (Ibid. vol. 2, p. 504)


The Anglo-Saxons originated in the area of the black Sea in the 1st century B.C. and from there spread all across Northern Europe. This was the same area to which the north- ern ten tribes of ancient Israel had been transported by their Assyrian conquerors some l00 years earlier [their claim is they are “the ten lost tribes of Israel”, but they are, in reality, descendants of Ginghis Khan]. The obvious implication of these historical facts is that the ancient Israelites and the latter day Anglo-Saxons are one and the same people. The two peoples share many of the same cultural practices and preserved the same unique institutes of Gov- ernnment. The Anglo-Saxons organized themselves into units identical to those of the ancient Israelites described in the Old Testament.

From the foregoing historical authorities, it is evident that the common law and the law of God are synonymous, the former having originated in the latter.

‘… The eternal principles of Natural religion are part of the common law….

Thus, as originally adopted in England from both Celtic

[Druidic] and Germanic influences, this common law embraced all the fundamental tenets of Biblical Law as to property and the rights of the individual.’’ (By the Common Law and by the Bible, which is the foundation of the common Law…. ’Wylly V. Collins…)

However, as early as the fifteenth century various Jewish practices with regard to debt, usury, taxation of the land, inheritance of the land and mortgages (the death gage) had begun to creep into the common law of England via the influence Jewish money lenders attached to the throne.

Principles of Jewish law had their origins in the Babylonian Talmud and not the Bible.(emphasis added)

The American Founding Fathers utterly rejected and scorned these influences. They were well aware that the practices of the Jews came not from the Old Testament, but rather from the Talmud and other spurious rabbinical sources.

‘The distinguished commentator on the laws of England informs us, that upon the foundations of the law of nature and the law of revelation, all human law depends 1 B1. Com. 42.…Thus, the colonists ‘established’ their state constitutions within the principles of the common law ….” (Ex-cerpts p. 1-9 REPUBLIC REDRESS VS DEMOCRACY, Pub.No. 1511-02, By Robert W. Wangrud and Edward J. Arlt)



THE MOLETN IMAGE “Science Of Reason”



The most accurate and best documented works I have seen on Freemasonry are, One: a 22 page Booklet By Arnold Leese, M.R.C.V.S., entitled “FREEMASONRY” distributed by SONS OF LIBERTY, Metairie, LA 70004, and book Two: a “Synopsis” of General Erich Ludendorff’s book “DESTRUCTION OF FREEMASONRY THROUGH REVELATION OF THEIR SECRETS”, first published 1927Translated by: J. Elisabeth Koester. Noontide Press.About Gen. Ludendorff: “He was… dedicated to serve not only his own [German] people but all Humanity through his untiring battle against superstition and erring God-concep- tions.

Ludendorff states: ’We led the greatest Revolution (in the realm of the mind) the world had ever seen… the liber- ation of nations and human beings from the yoke of priests and also Jews, whose world-views are destroying them.’

‘The mystery’ of Freemasonry is everywhere the Jew himself. The German, but also the member of any other race, must only come to see it… I shall give him in the following chapters a considerable insight into the dependency of the German Freemasonry on Judaism…. The Jewish people themselves of course know only too well what is concealed in Freemason- ry. Rabbi Dr. Isaak M. Wise thus explains in l855, trans- lated into German:

’Freemasonry is a Jewish Establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.’” (p.9)“MODERN Freemasonry is derived from two distinct sources… ’operative masonry’, which is the art of building pre- served in secret by the guilds of the old stone masons… and ’Speculative Masonry,’ which is the repository of the secret Gnostic doctrine of phallicism [worship of the male sex organ of procreation] designed to replace existing religions which is the secret cult alike of the Kabbalah [religious philosophy of the Hebrews], Assassins [oriental Freemason- ry], Templars [The Templars, like all other Secret Orders and Associations, had two doctrines, one concealed and reserved for the Masters… the other public which was the Roman Catholic], Rosicrucians [After the suppression of the Templars… two important secret societies came about: the Order of the Rose Cross [Rosicrucians or Red Cross], and the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), and various present-day Theoso- phist sects. (Leese p. 10, emphasis added)

It has already been shown in this pamphlet that the basis of ’speculative’ masonry, its symbolism and code of ethics [the moralist philosophy] is Jewish gnosticism. The question which arises is, where does the control of Free- masonry lie to-day, and how is it controlled? To the first part we… answer, in the B’nai B’rith, and to the second, through the higher rites, especially the Rite of Mizraim [the Protocols of the Learned elders of Zion were stolen from a Jewish Lodge of Mizraim in Paris in l884 by Joseph Schorst, a Jew]. (ibid).

The B’nai B’rith was founded in New York in l843 by a number of ‘German’ Jews, and its organization into Lodges stamp it as a Jewish Branch of Freemasonry. When one con- siders that the Scottish Rite was founded by Jews in l761;

and that Albert Pike, Grand Master of the Order and Sover- eign Pontiff of Universal (Catholic) Freemasonry, gained his position through the influence of the Jew, Moses Holbrook, a previous Grand Master, the reader will appreciate that there are grounds for saying that the B’nai B’rith is the ’secret masonry which is not even known to, and the aims of which are not even suspected, by those Goy cattle, attracted by us [the Jews] into the ’Show’ army of Masonic lodges.’” (Leese p. l7 emphasis added) “Protocol No. 4 Who and what is in a position to over- throw an invisible force? And this is precisely what our force is Gentile Masonry, blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects, but the plan of action [no doubt they mean starting an action, to get a reaction, to get what they de- sire, or thesis, antithesis, synthesis] of our force, even its very abiding-place, remains for the whole people an un- known mystery.“ (PROTOCOLS of the Learned Elders of Zion, Translated from the Russian of Nilus by VICTOR E. MARSDEN)

This populace has two mothers… Ignorance and Misery…. Yet even these may be employed… they have the brute force of the HAMMER, but their blows help on the great cause….

Yet, it is this very Force of the people… that builds the fortifications of tyrants, and is embodied in their arm- ies…. The blind Force of the people is a Force that must be economized, and also managed [by “RULE” of Law]…

It is the force of the people that sustains all these despotisms, the basest as well as the best. That force acts through armies; and these oftener enslave than liberate. Despotism there applies the RULE [Law and Order. (DIGEST)].

Passive obedience by force [of law] supports thrones and oligarchies [disguised as democracies lest they be identify- ied, for what they are] … and so Humanity wages war against Humanity in despite of Humanity. So a people willingly sub- mits to despotism, and its workmen submit to be despised, and its soldiers to be whipped [visualize Korea and VietNam and even Iraq] therefore it is that battles lost by a nation are often progress attained [by the conspirators].

Tyrants use the force of the people to chain and subju- gate - that is, enyoke the people. Then they plow them as men do with oxen yoked” (Morals & Dogma p. 1-5 excerpted)

The reader will now understand what is meant by the statement (supra) that Speculative Masonry is the repository of the secret Gnostic doctrine of sex-worship…. That Gnos- ticism in Freemasonry is no fiction is borne out by the fol- lowing ’instructions’ of Albert Pike, described in an art- icle in ’The Freemason’ (the organ of English Freemasonry), l9th January, l935, as ’the illustrious and revered Albert Pike.’ Albert Pike was simultaneously Grand Master of the central directory of Washington, Grand Commander of the sup- reme council of Charleston, and Sovereign Pontiff of Univer- sal (Catholic) Freemasonry:That which we say to the crowd is - we worship a God, but it is the god that one adores without superstition. To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the brethern of the 32nd , 31st, and 30th, degrees--

The Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine. If Lucifer were

not God, would Adonay (the God of the Christians) whose deeds prove his cruelty, perfidy, and hatred of man, barbarism and repulsion of science, would Adonay and his priests, calumniate [slander] him? Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay [as an opposing force] is also God…. the intelligent disciples Of Zoroaster, as well as, after them, the Gnostics, the Manicheans, and the Templars have admitted, as the only logical metaphysical conception, the system of  the two divine principles [good and evil supra] fighting eternally, And one cannot believe the oneinferior in power to the other [Cf Gnostic Dualism, supra {good verse evil} p.3] Thus,… the true and  pure philosophic religion is the belief in Lucifer,

the equal of Adonay….” (Leese p. 11,12 emphasis add.)The following shows us the conspiracy is only about three hundred years old.

“The Grand Lodge of England was founded on 24th June, l7l7, and practiced only the first three degrees, viz., En- tered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason (Blue Ma- sonry). The ritual of these three degrees is purely sym- bolical, and has an esoteric [’designed for or understood by the specially initiated alone.’ Webster’s] Gnostic interpretation which is revealed only in the high degrees of Royal Arch and in occult rites superimposed on ‘Blue Mason- ry,’ such as Societas Rosicruciana [Red Cross] in Anglia, Memphis and Mizraim, etc….” (Leese p. 10)On the last page, last three or four line, of: “A New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry” by Arthur Edward Waite, we read: “If ever we can take the Craft Legend behind the year l7l7, it is my hope that we may reach a fuller light on Secret Doctrines in Masonry and its connection with that of Israel reviewed in the Light of Christ” “SUPERIMPOSED upon the ordinary ’Blue’ Masonry of three degrees are a number of Masonic orders called ’rites’ having as many as 33 or even 97 grades. The principal of these is the famous, or more appropriately, notorious Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (in England called the Ancient And Accepted Rite), as a passport to all Masonic associations in the world.’ … Lord Ampthill himself (pro-Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England) held the rank of 33rd degree in the Scottish Rite in England) . The Scottish Rite runs its own secret service, which co-operates with the secret services of the various national governments.” (Leese p. 12, emph-asis added) Everything I have written of politics, economics andReligion has been associated with what I have learned of the humanistic plot against the authority and supremacy of the Almighty God, and would in any event be painful for me to write, but I have had to face and compare the falseness of things I have held in esteem all my life, Christianity, pat-riotism, history, and even human love, with the truth: man seems incapable of love, as I have come to believe the word to mean. To me love means unselfishness, or selflessness and is something the human is incapable of except God grant it. Love is not an emotion like infatuation, passion, affection, fondness etc., and not a feeling directed at a single in- dividual but is a state of the heart encompassing all except those who are truly the natural enemies of God.

The Scriptures tell us “there is a time to love and a time to hate (Eccl. 3:8) [and that] He hath made everything beautiful in his time.” (Eccl. 3:11) If only we could learn to “wait upon the LORD” and his time for everything, we would not strive with God but yield all to him in his time, then all would be beautiful. For a time to hate he gives us: “Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? And am not I grieved with those that raise up against thee? I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.” (Psalms 139:21,22) But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. (II Peter 2:10a) The ARYAN BROTHERHOOD: “Freemasonry found itself driven against the wall and was searching for new disguises. Such masking was already arranged in numerous pamphlets by Br. Koethner… and under the influence of the national socialis- tic dictatorship [Nazism], Freemasonry now slipped quicklyfrom Solomon’s Temple into the German Dome [Cathedral or Church], that is, into the new attire woven by Br. Koethner according to direction from higher quarters.

In Section V, I will write something about the ‘Equal- ization-shift‘… Here it be only stated that in this Aryan disguise, the Masterbuilder [God] of all the worlds is be- ing replaced by the deus optimus maximus [‘Deus, the four-letter name for the Latin Deity.’* In occult Jewish symbol- ism this is the TETRAGRAMMATION or ‘word of four letters’ I deem to mean SELF], and the Jewish symbolism is being de- fined as Aryanism. Thus did Br. Bankmann explain:

‘In this (script) it is scientifically described that

the Jews became acquainted with the traditions of the

Aryan Sumerians during the Babylonian captivity. They,

the Jews, pretended that their (the Babylonians’)

racial history, script, word and meanings were their

own. From this it became clear that the entire Mosaic


Legislation [laws], the flame-script - the Hebraic -

[those things characteristics of Hebrewism] are based

on Aryan foundation and therefore on our own racial

[West European, German, Gal, Saxon, Scandinavian, etc.]

inheritance.’” (Ludendorff p. 19)

Thus, the connection with Judaism and Jehovah [in the German Dome or Church] has again become restored…. For the evaluation regarding the disastrous efficacy of Freemasonry and their conditioning of individual Germans into servants for Jehovah it becomes immaterial which Ritual or which sym- bolism [Jewish or Aryan] is being used occasionally, their effect is always the same stupefying and resistance-weak- ening of the German man who through obedience-oaths and secrecy-pledges [in Freemasonry] becomes a willing tool for the subjugation of his own people under the yoke of Jews, whereby, before or after, blackmail snares or starvation threats are being used.” (DESTRUCTION OF FREEMASONRY, By General Erich Ludendorff p. 19)I ask the reader to bear in mind Hitler’s goal was to create, in Germany, a pure Aryan race. But see for yourselfthe contradictions in the Encyclopedia:

“While Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime were in power in Germany, an anti-Semitic program was carried on. The Naz- is insisted on making Germany a nation of none but pure Aryans by making it impossible for Jews to live there [histor- ically and Biblically these: “which say they are Jews and, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Rev. 2;9b, are the very Aryans who created Nazi Germany and gave Hitler his power, however]: According to Nazi application of the term,

Aryan amounted practically to a distinction between non-Jew and Jew. Such an application of the term, however, is not accepted by scientists.” (The AMERICAN EDUCATOR Encyclopedia

THE UNITED EDUCATORS,, INC. Publisher, Chicago l948)So-called Jewish anti-Semitism was and is a ploy to gain sympathy for a race of people who had and have designs for ruling an anti-God world for their own benefit by estab- lishing a Jewish, aka Aryan, homeland, on Palestinian soil, as a haven for a pretended persecuted people, who had adopt- ed, from God’s Word, the title “Jew“. Perhaps the reader can now discern why Hitler not only did not, but would not have, killed six-million, Jews, alias Aryans, for he was a part of the humanist charade.

“The Kabbalah and the Talmud together form the basis of modern Judaism. The Kabbalah [religious philosophy of the Hebrews] regulates the spiritual life of the Jews, and the Talmud the material.” (Leese p. 5 note *)With both the Kabbalah and the Talmud, Jewish holy books, being unequivocally material their only spiritual guide is the material.

It is because the Talmud is only Rabbi writings, and with it Kol Nidre, a prayer exonerating practicing Jews from oaths sworn before God and man, that I say: no Jew, as such, and no Mason, as such, should ever be appointed or elected to Public Office. It is because they have been put through coercion and are under obligation to the Lodge, first and foremost, that I am convinced neither Jew nor Mason should ever be allowed to hold any office of “public trust” that requires an oath of fidelity.

KOL NIDRE (“ALL VOWS’), is a prayer recited in the Syn- agogue each year at the evening service on the “Day of Atonement”, by Jews, to exonerate them from any liability or responsibility for any vows or oaths to which they might swear during the coming year. Accordingly, they can lie and deceive to their hearts content while extracting blind obed- ience from Gentile Masons through “oaths” and “vows” they are required to take within the confines of the Masonic Lodge. Such obedience, on the part of the Gentile Candidate, is required even if it means disregarding former or future “Oaths’ Of Office” administered by ‘Governments’ to those being inducted into positions of “public trust”. It is for this reason I say to you that no Masonic Lodge member or Jew should ever serve in a position of public trust: their Oath Of Office is, by unscrupulous design, no oath!

“The ‘KOL NIDRE’ is a Jewish prayer named from its opening words, “All vows,{ (kol nidre). It is based on the declaration of the Talmud:

‘He who wishes that his vows and oaths shall have no value, stand up at the beginning of the year and say: ’All oaths which I shall make during the year shall be of no value.’” (THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION WITH PERFACE AND EXPLANATORY NOTES P. 77)


“All vows, obligations, oaths and anathemas, whether

called ‘Konan”, ‘konas‘, or by any other name, which

we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we be bound

from this Day of Atonement until the next… we do re-

pent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled

and void, and made of no effect; they shall not bind us

nor have power over us. The Vows shall not be reckoned

vows; nor the oaths oaths.”

“Freemasons, [and Jews] as representatives of their

Grand Lodges, occupy State- and Civil- Servant positions,

even in highest placed, within the political parties as del- egates, as executives in leading circles of the Domestic Economy and Labor Organizations, the free professions, es- pecially in Medical and Legal organizations, in the faculty staff or our Universities and Teaching Professions, in the Press [Media] and all so-called cultural institutions as publishing houses and book business, in the Arts, in highest places of the Protestant [as well as Catholic] Clergy, etc.. One Freemason drags another one along, thus infiltrating directly into the entire State- and Ethnical life of our people.” (Ludendorff p. 35, excerpts)